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Some people dream about flying a lot, but I'm pretty much clear on the whole "can't fly" thing even when asleep. Congratulations to my subconscious, then, for figuring out this morning that while flying under my own steam is fifty types of implausible, flying in an invisible plane is just fine. But, it really would have been a lot cooler if I'd heen brave enough to get up from my position (scrunched nervously up against the back wall), lie down on the floor and stare at the ground below and pretend I was flying. By the time I'd worked up the nerve, I was back in the plot again, and it was one of those dull go-back-in-time-and-avert-disaster stories. Nice scenery, though, sort of Bauhaus does Mount Olympus.

Damian goes on holiday and the tech in the house makes incremental progress towards modernity. We now have proper cable, which (in addition to classic FM wallpaper television and an entire channel of documentaries about flight) means the return of Samurai Jack. Last night it was the episode where Jack gets turned into a very heroic chicken! Yay!

No progress from me, however. Work is slow and annoying, it's taking three times as long for me to do things as it should, at least. Evenings are migraine duty, complicated by a very painful neck. At first I thought it was basket-weaving strain from monday, but I'm now tending more towards the idea that something very noxious bit me. It's got that sort of organic acid burn feel to it. It's under my hair line, so examination is out of the question.

I should never have let my hair grow.


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24th Jun, 2004 05:03 (UTC)
flying in an invisible plane is just fine...
I look forward to the dream where you throw your magic lasso around a poor mortal man and ruthlessly force him to tell you the truth about, err, why Barbie broke up with Ken or something...


24th Jun, 2004 05:31 (UTC)
Re: flying in an invisible plane is just fine...
it wasn't *my* invisible plane. I was being given a lift. I'm not quite sure who was giving me a lift, though (maybe they were invisible, too?)
24th Jun, 2004 08:31 (UTC)
I remember...
...a rather long involved dream where I not only found out the secret of being able to fly, but I could teach other people to do it and the dream ended with me setting up a whole series of flying schools over the country.

Next dream I'll have to nip across and give you lessons...
24th Jun, 2004 08:43 (UTC)
Flying Dreams
I seldom have them any more; think it may be a youth thing... I was always petrified of heights even in my sleep, though. I sometimes flew sitting up, so I needn't look down, and sometimes used an actual carpet thing. I wish I still had lots of flying dreams; they were fun.I always woke up feling peppy.
24th Jun, 2004 08:51 (UTC)
I used to fly while cross-legged. I'd only move around the house, and mostly it was just plain levitation. Which is okay. A bit un-nerving when it happens with those Lynchian red curtains around.

Here's to your neck and back healing fast, Jeremy !
24th Jun, 2004 09:01 (UTC)
Painful Neck...
Mmmm, sore neck, bad head, sounds a bit to close to the viral thingy I've got at the moment, hope not, cos it's a stinker and it'll get worse before it gets better. :-(
(Providing you've not got fatigue and aching limbs too that is, if you have, go to bed now!)
24th Jun, 2004 10:34 (UTC)
I used to have frequent lucid flying dreams - I reckon they came from a stock of images harvested by looking out the upstairs window of double decker buses because there was a lot of hovering around the top of bus-shelters. I don't remember dreams much at all any more which often feels like a huge absence. People keep telling me it's because of drugs. And it's certainly not the time of year for long hair.

24th Jun, 2004 17:18 (UTC)
the secret to flying is...
starting off during sports day and doing the triple jump and remembering not to put your feet down on the final jump.... then it is entirely possible to re-experience your holiday trip to Death Valley in super fast forward like me: wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Groc's offer of flying lessons during a dream-meld ... oooh i wish that could be true.
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