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Alison Bechdel, queer comics superstar

Ah, those referrer logs. Mine are currently revealing that several people are currently reposting my comics in their blogs -- I wouldn't mind, only the praise goes to the reposter, and not to me ... and it looks like Alison Bechdel's led her straight to this little photo-story I did a while back, not to mention all the associated wrangling on livejournal about whether lesbians preferred cats to dogs and whether Princess Anne was a likely name for a queer('s) dog!

And here's her response -- a very kind comment and link! There's even a link to Caption! So nice! I got a lovely email, too -- not from Alison herself, but from Cathy Resmer who works with her. Scroll down the page to check out the cute pictures of Alison Bechdel and krisdresen, among others, and don't forget to check out Shameless, her latest strip -- about Pride, and isn't that appropriate for this week, what with the Big Gay Out (groan) coming up. Cynthia (the blonde girl on the bike) is this reactionary christian right-to-lifer, but I have dark suspicions about her. I think she might be covering things up.

Me and my soap operas ...

Note: closer reading of the Dykes to Watch Out For website informs me that "bat life" (lepakkoelämää) is finnish slang for "promiscuous lesbian." Seriously. It's in the FAQ.


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1st Jul, 2004 04:32 (UTC)
Princess Anne the dog reminds me abit of Mary-John the dead horse who inhabits my defunct history book. But that is a pointless aside.
1st Jul, 2004 05:47 (UTC)
similar colouring? Or is it the goofy expression?
1st Jul, 2004 04:45 (UTC)
Do you mind if lj users occasionally post links to your strip? I'm sure you'd still get responses.
1st Jul, 2004 05:30 (UTC)
not in the slightest itty bit at all
In fact, please do! I never mind anyone posting links, and I don't mind anyone remote-linking the little thumbnail icon pictures, either.

-- what the blogs I mentioned are doing are remote-linking the entire strip, without including a link back to my site, which is mildly rude, but not so-much-so that I'll actually complain to them or anything.

I mean, you can always figure out where it's from from the web address.
1st Jul, 2004 05:15 (UTC)
Did you ever settle on a name for the dog? The trend here (and that would be USA deep south) is for dykes to give their dogs old fashioned people names or truly esoteric goddess/foreign names.

I'd put in a vote for Mabel. It helps if the name lends itself to a long list of nicknames. As in (for my little dog) Sophie, Sophetta, Sophenator, Sophadiddle, Diddle.It's only too-cutesy when it's someone elses dog.

My other dog...Angus, Gus, Gustifer, Gustifer Nugget, Nuggety Boy.

Must. Get. Back. To. Work.

1st Jul, 2004 05:32 (UTC)
dogs need long names as well as short ones
Sqill, Springsqill, Sqilton Fabry ... (my Dad's dog)

I think I might go for Princess Anne, actually. I love the image of two dykes in a park at twilight yelling "Princess!" after their errant puppy ...
1st Jul, 2004 05:54 (UTC)
Cool! She is a star, isn't she?
1st Jul, 2004 09:19 (UTC)
I usually email to let people know when they're referenced in my strip (I got a lovely mail from Howard Cruse after I told himn about this strip) but this time I didn't for some reason. I was probably overawed (it happens).
1st Jul, 2004 08:22 (UTC)
Name-drops and web-links ... prominently displayed too!
1st Jul, 2004 09:20 (UTC)
I imagine I will be old news soon enough. But today! Fame!
1st Jul, 2004 08:33 (UTC)
I'm impressed.
Hm, I wonder if heteroqueers (-have I just invented a community segment?) can go to Gay Shame?I fancy it...
1st Jul, 2004 09:27 (UTC)
course you can
I'm sure you have as much right to feel ashamed as anyone ... oh christ, you aren't joking, are you? It's actually *happening*, at the coronet ...

" Featuring……Religious Nutcases, Puppet Shows, Candyfloss, Gay Bashing, Polemic, Art, Naked Lesbians, Mechanical Bears, Tea & Sympathy, Comedy Bigots, Bare-knuckle Transvestite Boxing, Toffee Apples, Gay Hot Dogs, Showbiz, Lefty Badge Making, Punk Rock, Paganism, Very Unimportant Peoples Area, Pornography, Radical Knitting Circle, Balloon Modelling, closet Costuming, Interesting Animals, Gay Hairdressers, Cup Cakes…and much much more…… "

Maybe I'll just stay in bed on Saturday.
1st Jul, 2004 11:17 (UTC)
You bet it's real! Amy Lame is boxing...
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