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Picky Picky PerplexReceived webmaster spam entitled "industrial robots" today; just an attempt to get past the spam filters, surely? No, it's unsolicited advertising mail from Robots Wanted, asking if I have any unwanted industrial robots to sell. They're based in Delaware so (for this and several other reasons) not a lot of use to me, but American readers may wish to know that they can call, Toll Free, on 1-877-4USEDROBOTS (1-877-487-3376) if they have any used robots to dispose of.

Also, I have absolutely no idea what to do with Big Green Riding Hood's buns. Heeeeelp meeeee!


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1st Jul, 2004 13:54 (UTC)
It seems rather a niche product to specialize in the buying of, but I suppose all that jilted factory machinery must go somewhere to die.
1st Jul, 2004 14:26 (UTC)
Now I can finally afford my very own Chiti-Chiti-Bang-Bang breakfast! Failing that, I can have a sideline in machine tools manufacture. ;-)
2nd Jul, 2004 05:41 (UTC)
did i help?
i was up all night doing it (-so you'd better be grateful.)
2nd Jul, 2004 07:11 (UTC)
the guilt, the guilt.

Still, as long as you have plenty of sea-gull photographing time, that's OK.
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