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museum of safety gear for small animals

"those who have never been visited by worry about the predicament of contemporary wildlife are advised to look elsewhere"

For admirers of small woodland mammals everywhere (though those interested in birds, amphibians and even larger animals like bears and cougars will also find much of interest), it's worth investigating Bill Burn's safety gear for small animals thoroughly (the home page is here for anyone flummoxed by the artsy navigation).

"Though the habits and movements of penguins remain a mystery it comes as a relief to learn that the British Antarctic Survey has embarked on a programme of fusing bar codes, like those used at the grocer's check out counter, onto their beaks." (More of his speculation and conversation about how to help animals here).

Thanking goldleafgoddess for knowledge of this.


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2nd Jul, 2004 05:49 (UTC)
But where, oh where, is the programme training sparrows to use (very) small arms? Remember: one cat, one bullet...

2nd Jul, 2004 07:23 (UTC)
I can see it now,
"Operation Red List". Well, maybe he's waiting for the next grant from the Canada Council for the Arts ...
2nd Jul, 2004 09:01 (UTC)
I have such a twisted mind...
Cute gear, but with the appropriate hoods, a child could achieve their very own animal prison/Abu Gharib. ;-)

Perhaps I'm overly inspired by fba's Degus-Cam ... http://www.foxbasealpha.net/webcam/webcam.shtml
2nd Jul, 2004 09:06 (UTC)
Since we're on the subject of small animal safety gear...
2nd Jul, 2004 09:35 (UTC)
that's more small animal enabling gear, surely ;)
2nd Jul, 2004 12:36 (UTC)
Perhaps, but just envision that tiny thing trying to crawl about with only its forelegs...dangerous surely? ;-)
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