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This film contains some of the worst music I have ever heard*. Apart from wincing at the bad clothes (badly animated and badly designed), endless, repetitive did-you-notice-it gags, the half-hearted messages about being yourself and the up-down animation quality, the fact that I was attempting to claw out my own ears and groaning "dear god when are they going to stop murdering [insert title here**]" every other song was a bit of a mood-killer.

That said, there was a bit of an interesting gay subtext, although that could probably be summarised as the animators thinking I'd rather bone an annoying talking animal than a fat chick.

*And I've seen The Lion King. And 8½ Women.
**Select from: Ever Fallen in Love, Ch-ch-changes, Holding out for a Hero, probably some others. Who knew I even cared about Holding out for a Hero? I suppose it was the sort of cover that would bring out your sympathy even for the most embarassing songs.

Shit. Even the Mona Lisa's falling apart.
The BBC agrees, describing the Pete Yorn cover of Ever Fallen in Love as "earbleeding".


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9th Jul, 2004 06:20 (UTC)
Actually -- (covers ears) -- I loved the covers. And, yes, I was around at the time of the originals. I thought they were funny and upbeat, not mangly..
9th Jul, 2004 06:25 (UTC)
funny and upbeat
what, even the Holding out for a Hero that played out over the credits? (Not the Jennifer Saunders version.)
9th Jul, 2004 12:51 (UTC)
Re: funny and upbeat
Um, no I think I likd the Jen one , didn't notice the latter..

I did positively like their version of Ever Fallen in LOve tho I hate to say.. who was it?
12th Jul, 2004 03:06 (UTC)
Re: funny and upbeat
Pete Yorn, and it looks like the cover version of Holding out for a Hero I was complaining about is by "Frou Frou".
(Deleted comment)
9th Jul, 2004 06:29 (UTC)
... and I thought it was just me! Well, if the family values people can see it, it must be there ...
9th Jul, 2004 09:45 (UTC)
Re: ah-ha-ha-ha
I think I'm missing something in my head ... how is gender identification and 'sexual/biological reality' disharmoniously mutually-exclusive? ... oh yeah, I'm missing the conservative bone in my head. ;-)
9th Jul, 2004 14:28 (UTC)
I notice that site considers Jennifer Saunders "openly homosexual". I thought she was married to Ade Edmonson? I'd laugh if she sued them. Though, she won't, because she's not some Jason-Donovan-style fuckwit, of course.
10th Jul, 2004 09:27 (UTC)
jennifer saunders openly homosexual shock!
(adopts her best bible belt accent)

but gee, ahren't all lady comidians hom-o-sex-u-al?

... as far as I'm aware, she's not even on the might-be-bi list ...
11th Jul, 2004 14:33 (UTC)
Re: jennifer saunders openly homosexual shock!
Yeah, so I thought!

Incidentally - Emma wasn't able to carry out her mobile-zine-library plan, so your zines never actually came out of the bag. I'll return them to you at Caption if not before. (But she says thanks all the same!)
12th Jul, 2004 03:07 (UTC)
Re: jennifer saunders openly homosexual shock!
ah, shame. Hey ho ...
9th Jul, 2004 09:47 (UTC)
I would agree that I found Shrek 1 a better film than 2, and that I found the covers in 2 quite bad. I don't know that I would rip my ears off though, since 1 featured pop-music that will date the film very badly in quite short order.
9th Jul, 2004 14:27 (UTC)
But it also had the Eels, and Joan Jett's mighty 'Bad Reputation' (left off the soundtrack CD, the bastards)...
9th Jul, 2004 10:11 (UTC)
FYI, Mona Lisa link
Goes to David Bowie heart surgery story...
10th Jul, 2004 09:23 (UTC)
hover your mouse over the link for the actual title of the story
"even the mona lisa's falling apart" is a quote that occurred to men when I read the news about bowie.
10th Jul, 2004 10:33 (UTC)
Re: hover your mouse over the link for the actual title of the story
Oh...sorry, because there was some news about the Mona Lisa recently, and that it is falling apart. I wonder when museums are going to launch their prized possessions into space, for best protection ... and let Earth-dwellers have a simu-cast viewing. ;-)
9th Jul, 2004 17:18 (UTC)
I will consider myself duly warned and will see this film piss drunk if at all.
12th Jul, 2004 13:43 (UTC)
Oh no! I'm gutted! I just came off the phone from talking to my daughter (8) and she loved it but I somehow think I won't love it quite so much. Bad music is a downer - I was singing Hallelujah to myself in town earlier and wondering which version I preferred, Jeff Buckley's or the one in Shrek. Hey ho.

13th Jul, 2004 03:22 (UTC)
I was probably just in a bad mood becuase the popcorn was stale ...
13th Jul, 2004 03:59 (UTC)
Re: pfeh
No, 8 year olds are impressed and uninspired by a different set of things. She doesn't even like popcorn for instance. And all those repeated and overplayed gags would have made her laugh repeatedly and excessively - I'd be wanting to hit fast-forward. I suppose it was made for her more than us though - it just seems a pity because I quite liked Shrek. And having sampled em last night, Jeff Buckley's is the best Hallelujah. 'But you don't really care for [the soundtrack] music, do yer?'
13th Jul, 2004 05:35 (UTC)
ah, you can make kids films that are good for all ages
... but what do I know? American audiences loved it. And, as Andy points out above there was nice stuff on the soundtrack, it was just rather drowned out by the rest ...
16th Jul, 2004 00:29 (UTC)
Shrek 2
And it just isn't SCARY......fairytales should be good and scary....
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