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This film contains some of the worst music I have ever heard*. Apart from wincing at the bad clothes (badly animated and badly designed), endless, repetitive did-you-notice-it gags, the half-hearted messages about being yourself and the up-down animation quality, the fact that I was attempting to claw out my own ears and groaning "dear god when are they going to stop murdering [insert title here**]" every other song was a bit of a mood-killer.

That said, there was a bit of an interesting gay subtext, although that could probably be summarised as the animators thinking I'd rather bone an annoying talking animal than a fat chick.

*And I've seen The Lion King. And 8½ Women.
**Select from: Ever Fallen in Love, Ch-ch-changes, Holding out for a Hero, probably some others. Who knew I even cared about Holding out for a Hero? I suppose it was the sort of cover that would bring out your sympathy even for the most embarassing songs.

Shit. Even the Mona Lisa's falling apart.
The BBC agrees, describing the Pete Yorn cover of Ever Fallen in Love as "earbleeding".


9th Jul, 2004 06:25 (UTC)
funny and upbeat
what, even the Holding out for a Hero that played out over the credits? (Not the Jennifer Saunders version.)
9th Jul, 2004 12:51 (UTC)
Re: funny and upbeat
Um, no I think I likd the Jen one , didn't notice the latter..

I did positively like their version of Ever Fallen in LOve tho I hate to say.. who was it?
12th Jul, 2004 03:06 (UTC)
Re: funny and upbeat
Pete Yorn, and it looks like the cover version of Holding out for a Hero I was complaining about is by "Frou Frou".