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my muse was on the bus this morning

... I thought he'd left town! Should have guessed that wasn't the case from how much work I've been doing. The weather was bad, but he was still wearing nice shoes, and a strange sleeveless grey waterproof. Unfortunately he'd dumped the rough highlights and messed-up gel look for natural colour and a travis do -- which I now know to be called a "Hoxton Fin". Oh dear, dear, dear ...

He hesitated over the empty seat next to me and one across the way before going for the one further away from me; good choice, as I might have been self-conscious about getting out my scribble pad otherwise. As it was, I scrawled a couple of pages of notes about Blanche Goodchilde, Scourge of the Seven Seas -- hardly my best muse session ever, but nice to see him. Despite the haircut.

Getting into work late certainly has its advantages!