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Go Mum!

It may seem a little bit mean of me, but I'm really pleased that my Mum is moving to the back of beyond. She found a house under a Dun with its back to the forest, an old forestry commission place built in the 1950s, with a big old garden, in sight of Loch Awe. There's even ancient woodland nearby, which may contain capercallies (as well as pine martens, red squirrels, eagles, osprey and lots and lots of deer). There's local archaology a-plenty for her husband Clive to poke around in, just a short way away at ancient kilmartin, and any number of mountains, lochs and lonely spaces where she can find her inspiration.

Somehow all the house sales dovetailed together and she's moving very soon, on August 5th. Already she's living out of boxes. In among my art stuff I found an old folder of yours, she told me, it's mostly anguished charcoals. Do you still want it? I didn't think she had anything of mine left. No, I said, chuck it. I asked her to send me on the cache of David Bowie photos she found among them, though. They might be valuable! She's having problems packing some of her bigger pieces. Some of the constructions have become so big that I can't find any boxes large enough, she said. So I made them special containers. Hope they survive the journey.

Other than that she's been giving away all her teaching books and materials with gay abandon. After years of being the experienced teacher who gets the difficult classes, she is very ready to retire. In retaliation, the schoolroom viral soup is taking one last swipe at her, but next week she finishes and two weeks later heads north forever.

For fresh air, seasoned liberally with midges, and maybe the odd eagle flying overhead.


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15th Jul, 2004 08:00 (UTC)
Wow! That sounds lovely! Congrats to your mum.
16th Jul, 2004 03:07 (UTC)
I am bit jealous, but I couldn't stand it, really ...
15th Jul, 2004 08:56 (UTC)
What a fabulous place for you to visit!! is your mum an artist?? I'd love to see her work!! can I pop over when she's settled. ;-)
16th Jul, 2004 03:11 (UTC)
yes, she is
... I'm hoping to get some good photographs of her work the next time I visit. She does ... well, I called them constructions, didn't I? She builds up masses of collage material and bulker like cardboard or plastic waste, with lots of thinned acrylic paint to make these semi-abstract, semi-illustrative ... argh, it's hard to explain. That's why I want to photograph it!

She was talking about sorting out a guest room, so maybe!
15th Jul, 2004 11:39 (UTC)
That all sounds extremely appealing to me.
16th Jul, 2004 03:11 (UTC)
me too,
But I probably wouldn't survive the remoteness.
16th Jul, 2004 03:17 (UTC)
Re: me too,
Once upon a time I wouldn't have either, but I'm getting closer and closer to the shining value of remoteness.
16th Jul, 2004 03:40 (UTC)
as you get more and more things inside you, you need more space around you ...

err, that sounded rude. I eamnt memories and experiences (blush!)
16th Jul, 2004 03:42 (UTC)
Re: perhaps
As opposed to cream cakes and pies?
16th Jul, 2004 03:49 (UTC)
that's exactly what I meant ...
16th Jul, 2004 03:54 (UTC)
Re: absolutely!
So, not cock then.
16th Jul, 2004 04:45 (UTC)
Re: absolutely!
good heavens no (ah-heh)
15th Jul, 2004 21:47 (UTC)
Hullo. I just wandered in from diepunyhumans, and I love the idea of celebrity pictures in a wickerman. I hope you don't mind I friended you.
16th Jul, 2004 03:12 (UTC)
not at all!
Hi -- wow! I'm so pleased my story got chosen! Yay!
16th Jul, 2004 03:27 (UTC)
and I like your story
very much, by the way. Very much.
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