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the museum of cultural ephemera

the museum of cultural ephemeraI drew the first panel to this one in Borders Cafe about a month ago. Playing catch-up, I am. The timescale in this week's strip is all over the place, but it's quite faithfully autobiographical, for a change; the lizards in jelly were made for a party back at Belvedere Road (in the end I had to use lime), 70s Ken is currently wearing a Disney princess dress (the thing beside him is a drag queen alien figurine that came out of a kinder egg), and the 50-pence-shiva, the disco duck, the Dementor and the dinosaur with a big pink flashing ring are all in the vague vicinity of the top of the TV, and Chinese Warrior Princess Xena is currently attended by the lego slugs, because they co-ordinate with her kimono.

Additionally three childhood toys have walk-on roles; Pengui the one-eyed penguin in panel 1, and flop-headed Lucy and Sherry, last seen seeing off his friend Panda, in panel 3.

And the full name of the Self Store is The Big Yellow Self Store.


19th Jul, 2004 11:08 (UTC)
Atop My Monitor..
Plastic GARFIELD (the shame...) Sticking his tongue out, with "Take It Easy" printed on his belly. A little silverplated Ganesh,remover of obstacles to prosperity, A Dark red Kwan Yin (mercy, and obstacle-removal-)from my Buddhist sister,a frightening tarnished metal Aztec birthing goddess squirting one out (creativity-), a little hunk of crystal, and the goofy dinosaur (via a 'Happy Meal'-)from TOY STORY.
20th Jul, 2004 01:49 (UTC)
Re: Atop My Monitor..
What does Garfield represent? The stifling surge of mediocrity that threatens to smack its wobbly arse down ontop your dreams?

I have one of those Toy Story dinosaurs, it makes a listtle scraping noise when you open its mouth ...
20th Jul, 2004 08:16 (UTC)
Re: Atop My Monitor..
Not mine,he just grins hopefully, but his head bobs