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owl trivet bad, green hair dye good

I don't know, are chocolate starfish tiresome, rebellious, fussy, nothing worth making a fuss about ... ?

I'm decluttering again. Does anyone want an owl trivet? It's rather ugly. Or a King Penguin on seagulls? Its spine is gone, but the ink drawings are admirable. No? Ah well ...

Harsh how any acheivement at clearing space now is dented by guilt at the overproduction of household waste, another bag of rubbish ... although all the clearing gave me time to catch up on some new media. Menchi's cultural notes only explain a fraction of what was going on in Excel Saga ... and the cut that aired on the Sci-Fi channel missed all the pre-title sequences! Oh and I put some green and yellow highlights in. Damian says it looks like I've been training the dinosaurs to polish my hair.

EDIT: Apparently my hair doesn't look like I've been training dinosaurs to polish it but it does look either a) "very earth-tone, earthmotherish", or b) like George Clooney's. Go me.


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20th Jul, 2004 08:05 (UTC)
I've never understood how you are supposed to contribute a panel (e.g. panel 54) until after you know what panel 53 will be.
20th Jul, 2004 08:32 (UTC)
schroedinger's continuity
Well, you can do it a few different ways -- you can "bet" on which panel you think'll win and do a sequel to that, try to produce a panel that'd work no matter what won (ooo, challenging!) or hedge your bets, by making a panel that could follow on from a few of them but would be off the mark for others. My one for last week was like that ...
20th Jul, 2004 08:33 (UTC)
When we were planning the game we were anxious to avoid the story becoming predictable, more narrow. Keeping continuity options open longer looked like it might be a way of doing that ... and also we wanted to encourage people to think about continuity over several panels rather than just in relation to the panel immediately before.

The really important panel for continuity right now -- and the only one that's currently in the past -- is panel 52. 53 is the present, and therefore still open to influence, while 54 is the future, yet to be revealed.
20th Jul, 2004 08:34 (UTC)
Re: expanding
That said, this week is a bit of a poser. I might just bet. Continuity-wise, I'm actually hoping mine *won't* win.

Not least because I really don't want to write the bun-decorating song.
20th Jul, 2004 09:41 (UTC)
did someone mention
you had to ask?
20th Jul, 2004 12:02 (UTC)
Re: did someone mention
seagulls and penguins how can I possibly resist?
20th Jul, 2004 11:11 (UTC)
Owl Trivet?
Need a parking meter? I've got two...and I think one is really enough, maybe. Or perhaps I can offer you a scary "folk art" scarecrow man/thing. I'll throw up a picture of him tonight, if I remember...
21st Jul, 2004 02:16 (UTC)
Re: Owl Trivet?
no no no ... I need less stuff, not more!
21st Jul, 2004 07:34 (UTC)
Re: Owl Trivet?
Okay, now I *know* you need professional help...
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