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where I am right now

The \\
Last Cigarette:a party sometime in the mid-90s
Last Alcoholic Drink:last night, I bought the round, it was f***ing gougy
Last Car Ride:back from the dept break-up with ex boss diane
Last Kiss:tinyjo I expect, I'm not much of a kisser
Last Good Cry:can't remember, last bad cry was on monday
Last Library Book:big book of mazereel woodcuts
Last book bought:Octavia Butler, Mind of my Mind
Last Book Read:Sex Tips for all of Creation, it's great!
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:Spider-Man 2
Last Movie Rented:don't rent movies, but Tim rented Paycheck ...
Last Cuss Word Uttered:for fuck's sake
Last Beverage Drank:coffee, the milk was going off
Last Food Consumed:olives last night, they were past their best
Last Crush:the drummer from eberg - he looks like a walrus!
Last Phone Call:damian, asking me if I wanted to do lunch
Last TV Show Watched:Excel Saga (on DVD), Samurai Jack on Tivo
Last Time Showered:about an hour ago
Last Shoes Worn:Art crepe soles, I'm wearing them now in fact
Last CD Played:Lowgold - the one with Beauty dies young on it
Last Item Bought:top with cybernetic arms and an autopsy scar
Last Download:I don't do that sort of thing
Last Annoyance:stupid girls on the top deck of the bus
Last Disappointment:cable box died and I missed the Tour de France
Last Soda Drank:Irn Bru, what else?
Last Thing Written:C Evidence Script, pages 7-8
Last Key Used:the fob key to get into the office
Last Words Spoken:single into town, please
Last Sleep:last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten:Solero exotic fruit flavour
Last Chair Sat In:office chair, it's too hot
Last Webpage Visited:Groc's blog, Livejournal, Letour.fr

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