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shiny golden fan-cases

Damian showed me his new power supply last night. It *is* rather sexy, actually, he's right -- my recommendation was to chop the case rather than file the supply (he has an overlapping flange problem). Bolt cutters should do it, I think. If Tim doesn't have any, Adrian should.

Was visited in my dreams by dickon_edwards, jinty and concourse. Quite mundane stuff, we were sitting in a nice cafe, drinking tea (iced mint tea for me). My best theory is that my head was celebrating having found a newer, cheaper, better green hair dye by collecting friends of similar hair colour. I seem to remember sparkling conversation, but you know how dreams are; I'm probably remembering a blank space, marked "sparkling conversation".

Weirdly, I seem to have scored a significant success at work. I'm not sure how, and I'm rather confused. I did present this as a possibility to my then manager at the time, but frankly, it was a long shot and I'm astounded it came through. That's the funny thing about the web, I suppose. You throw stuff out there, but what happens after that is strictly up to Them.

Damian's new server is even sexier than the power supply. It's silver, curvey, and has a perspex front that glows, bluely. Apparently he's having problems making Gnoppix boot from the hard disk, though.

We both got to bed very late last night.


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22nd Jul, 2004 04:01 (UTC)
I have a pair of "bijou" bolt cutters (suitable for fashion model bolts only).

I can bring them when I next see you if you're interested.

22nd Jul, 2004 04:15 (UTC)
bijou bolt cutters should do nicely
you'll feel right at home; there are bits of computer everywhere ...
22nd Jul, 2004 04:11 (UTC)
I always like hearing that I've been in someone's dream. There are worse things in life than being a sort of benign Freddy Krueger.
22nd Jul, 2004 04:20 (UTC)
oh yes,
you're definitely on the benign side of the celebrity-walk-on list.

Very pleasant to see you, albeit subconsciously.
22nd Jul, 2004 06:41 (UTC)
why is it that all things
to do with Linux have to have such weird names? It's not big and it's not clever.

by the by that there address of da Grocklette you mentioned is still da korrekt one.
10th Aug, 2004 07:21 (UTC)
I often dream about dickon_edwards (here and last weekend, most recently). Perhaps a "dreaming of Dickon" LJ community is needed.

I've just spent far too long at work enjoying your LJ and your cartoons, and have thus friended you.
11th Aug, 2004 18:39 (UTC)
I am proud to be wasting your time.
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