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mmm, crunchy

Today, I had reason to ask myself, what eats starfish? Well, Triton's Trumpets, of course, the famous predator of the coral depredating crown-of-thorns. Harlequin shrimp. A handful of fish species, the odd crab ... and this lady.


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22nd Jul, 2004 12:45 (UTC)
Starfish flavoured Pringles
You pop one, it is sure we can't stop it!
22nd Jul, 2004 14:25 (UTC)
Re: Starfish flavoured Pringles
great icon!

*pops another Pringles*
Can't stop it! Plus, I eat it as present for heaven, and to remain white!!
22nd Jul, 2004 14:19 (UTC)
I was served a squid pizza once...but the tentacles draped with cheese springing up all over was just too much for me. *Gak*

Starfish....hmmmm....didn't even know they were edible.
23rd Jul, 2004 06:00 (UTC)
I'm actually very fond of squid
octopuses, all that jazz -- I even had sea urchin sausages once (vaguely salty and rather watery as I recall) but never any starfish. Most online authorities seemed very confident that no people ate starfish. But Google knew better ...
22nd Jul, 2004 16:41 (UTC)
I'm so upset: I spent over an hour photoshopping a can of starfish Pringles: with one of the old ladies with the pringles-man moustache, appropriately tilted and distended, with starfish and a "The Dainty" text box, and somehow managed to overwrite it with a zero byte file by quitting the graphics editor.
23rd Jul, 2004 05:58 (UTC)
it's horrible when that happens
23rd Jul, 2004 08:49 (UTC)
have a geat birthday do. I hope to find myself sitting on the floor in a corner of your house again at some point.

Not tonight, though . x.
24th Jul, 2004 03:47 (UTC)
Happy birthday to you!
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