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I report with shame that the empty bottles from Friday night's party fitted into my recycling box with room to spare. Never mind that half the bottles were hard liquor, some ended up in the rubbish (we are in a Green Box area, guests!) and that a fair quantity went back into the drink box with sustantially reduced levels (respect to twic for consuming vast quantities of the cabaña boy white rum -- never thought I'd see the back of that!). Never mind that the drinking was spooked (spiked?) by the post-midnight distribution of some terrifying red champagne, there were fights about science and the nature of truth or that everyone was saving themselves for the weekend. Never mind that I woke up at 6am the following morning having passed out at the top of the stairs. The truth is in the recycling box.

And the truth is that I'm getting old, year by year. On the bright side, though, birthday presents! The perfect glasses for making a dramatic point with. A homemade lizard/stegasaur cross stuffed with unspecified unchildsafe items. A glassy beaded crawling lizard with a harpwire ribcage. Oh, and a nodding unicorn. Yes, like a nodding dog, but a unicorn. Thank you so much, little "I might ring you when I get back from Dubrovnik" sister.

Good party, though. It went on for the rest of the weekend while I went to a progressively less wee local festival and had a really very nice time. I'll talk about that in a bit, I expect.

If you're wondering about why you didn't know about the party, well ... my computer woes trashed my email address book and I put out my invite as a BCC from a yahoo address. Probably unwisely, in restrospect. All those in favour of me having a 33⅓ birthday party with a bit more bloody notice now say aye.

God, the spamfall is creative today. I just got one called "Nveer Seen Huge Sized Sncees" ... it's beginning to veer from bad spelling into a new langage. Spam from Seuss. Inside it isn't much better: "Have at you! Mind Bolwing Quality Crystal Clear Dwlnooadable Video The disntetcnoed man finds no easy chair. The greatset things are acompclished by individual ppoele, not by cmomittees or cmopanies. Minreva save us form the cloying syrup of ceorcive cmopassion! Q'onk chipena childes 9 fThalia B Galu i daLanAppa".

Whoever can tell me which fetish this video-hawker is trying to sell me wins ... oh, I dont know. A lollipop. Acclaim. Marks & Spencers cartoon pants.


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26th Jul, 2004 08:04 (UTC)

And happy birthday for last Saturday.
26th Jul, 2004 08:26 (UTC)
Hi, hope you had a great birthday - good to see you at Truck. xx
27th Jul, 2004 02:25 (UTC)
and you too
... I'm afraid the photo of you didnt come out as well as last time -- I had the wrong film in my camera for the light, really. It happens ...
26th Jul, 2004 08:59 (UTC)

26th Jul, 2004 09:27 (UTC)
All those in favour of me having a 33⅓ birthday party with a bit more bloody notice now say aye.

Aye. You know someone who owns a Dansette-type thing, too.

(and don't forget to divide '12' by '3' correctly, unlike someone last year...)
27th Jul, 2004 02:32 (UTC)
well ...
Hmmmm .... November 24 strikes me as having a very high probability of of being wet and horrible. It's also a wednesday ... whereas October 24 is a Sunday, and quite an exciting day, by all accounts. I seem to be being persuaded towards mathematical incompetence by the calendar here
27th Jul, 2004 02:43 (UTC)
Re: well ...
If you do it knowingly, it's probably all right (as with so many other things).
26th Jul, 2004 10:33 (UTC)
27th Jul, 2004 05:54 (UTC)
Big Birthday Knickers
Happy birthday for the 24th and also for wheneverthehell you decide to celebrate it again.
27th Jul, 2004 16:43 (UTC)
Hahaha ! Happy birthday Jeremy. I won't get to Caption this year due to unforeseen circumstances, although may get around to send a miniature Andy Luke doll for hovering.

You seem to be enjoying a great life : Great idea !
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