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don't know much about biology ...

New tiny fish! The stout infantfish gets its name from its babyish features, and the fact that it is unusually stout compared to other species of infantfish.

Old friends are in the health leaflets again: Sina Shamsivari doing his bit for queer boys in Out and about - PDF. Both his style and subject matter seemed to have survived the move from queerzine to health resource pretty well ... While on the THT site, I had a poke around (like you do) to see if they had any other good new resources for young people. Not as such, but fans of toys doing rude things may also wish to check out what the action men in Below the Belt - PDF are up to, and if that leaves you wanting more, The Bottom Line - PDF is even more explicit. Caution; not recommended if bottoms make you nervous. And also, while this is perfectly safe for my work, it may not be for yours.

This is why I wanted to find out about creatures that eat starfish:

Dandy and Harlequin shrimp are not to scale.


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28th Jul, 2004 08:36 (UTC)
The Bottom Line
Too much information! Too much information! Too much information!

(I wimped out at the section on punch fucking, I'm afraid... :-))

28th Jul, 2004 14:23 (UTC)
Re: The Bottom Line
that far?
28th Jul, 2004 13:15 (UTC)
Does the cure for Starfish involve getting crabs?

I never realised quite how much one could do with one's bottom! I guess no one gave me those pamphlets when I was at school.
28th Jul, 2004 14:22 (UTC)
... well,
it was the leaflet full of "stuff they didn't tell you at school"

some crabs eat starfish, but the harlequin shrimp was the prettiest and had the best devouring technique
31st Jul, 2004 05:21 (UTC)
Ms Dennis, I adore this picture, and hope you won't mind me featuring it in my diary. I've provided the appropriate links and credits.
2nd Aug, 2004 02:40 (UTC)
not in the slightest
... I was wondering if you'd notice!
2nd Aug, 2004 09:19 (UTC)
Re: not in the slightest
I sadly cannot check my Friends page as often as I'd like. So please do email or drop me a LJ comment when you definitely want to tear me away from the mirror...
3rd Aug, 2004 03:35 (UTC)
I wouldn't want to interrupt such important work ...
31st Jul, 2004 05:39 (UTC)
Good to see Mr Shiva is getting paid (I assume) for his artistic talents. And for such a good cause, too.
2nd Aug, 2004 02:40 (UTC)
oh yes,
he's a proper grown-up illustrator now. Went to college and everything.
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