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my two collaboratoras, Mardou (l) and Lucy (r)but in the meantime, here is an advertisment for Whores of Mensa, the comic I've done with Lucy Sweet and Mardou.

We met at Ladyfest last year, where we were all running comics workshops. We got talking about sex and comics and women and being clever. And shagging famous people, and how that's easier to do in comics than real life.

From me there's a rambling strip about how hard it is to cartoon when there's half-a-dozen dead poets (and Aubrey Beardsley) underfoot. Lucy gets advice on laminate flooring from Justin Timberlake, and learns all about his passion for wood. Mardou gossips about philosophers and kung-fu masters, and also contributes the brutal and moving Farehnheit 50/50, set in a nightmare future world where comics are banned. Though that may just have been an excuse to tell the Dave Sim/Tits n'Clits joke.

Cost is £2.50: they will be for sale at Caption.

"quite simply one of the best comics I've read all year" - Pete Ashton, Bugpowder

Order copies by sending £3 (cash o cheque) to Jeremy Dennis at the Caption address (18 Hawkins Street, Oxford, OX4 1YD), including your full postal address. $5 dollars American.


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29th Jul, 2004 04:05 (UTC)
Tits 'n' Clits!
Ack, I'm rumbled! Dave Sim must feel the scorch of my burning intellect!
29th Jul, 2004 04:23 (UTC)
he's not worth it!
29th Jul, 2004 06:16 (UTC)
Oh, my gosh! Love it!!!
29th Jul, 2004 06:25 (UTC)
Sounds lots of fun, I look forward to picking it up at Caption.
29th Jul, 2004 06:46 (UTC)
That is the best title for a comic ever in the history of the world.

When is Caption?

Can I send you £2-50 for one? I 've prob lost your address tho :-(
29th Jul, 2004 06:48 (UTC)
BUGGER I hav e friends staying for the FRinge..
29th Jul, 2004 12:34 (UTC)
ordering details
well, the title's Mardou's but isn't it, though? A Woody Allen quote, and a way of life!

Postage bumbs up the price, but just by a little bit.

Order copies by sending £3 (cash o cheque) to Jeremy Dennis at the Caption address (18 Hawkins Street, Oxford, OX4 1YD).

uhm ... I think I've lost your address, so be an idea to include that!
29th Jul, 2004 07:07 (UTC)
Grin! You restore my faith in comics.
1st Aug, 2004 03:12 (UTC)
I've seen it already you know- but i skipped reading it until it was all finished so...hurrah!
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