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I am feeling disinclined to see the film Arthur. I think instead that I will read The Faerie Queen again. Yay Britomart! Up Belphoebe! You may be little more than pro-monarchist spear-wielding allegorical nationalistic cut-out thugs in shiny armour, but then (Disney and T H White notwithstanding) ... so is our beloved King Arthur.

After acidentally wandering into some dark places on the internet, I've been pondering the connections between homophobia and abusing women again, and ended up (as is so often the case) getting upset about how these online and media spaces are reflected in the real world.

Statement from the Mobos "Musicians and artists have always reflected the feelings of the wider community they come from, regardless of whether or not everyone wants to hear what is being said on a street level."

"Helping to make homophobia cool and acceptable is dangerous. It gives a green light to bigotry; making disordered, maladjusted young straight men feel OK about physically venting their rage against lesbian and gay people." Peter Tatchell responds.

I should spend more time over at Outrage. They're so constructive.

Yay, Daleks! Eurobats! The Sound of Spam!

On an utterly unrelated note, does anyone know of a club with a decent chill-out room?


4th Aug, 2004 10:49 (UTC)
There was a book at my school library/work that I think you should read: Somebodies and nobodies: Overcoming the abuse of rank by Robert W. Fuller. In it, he draws a lot of parallels between rank, caste, one-up/one-downsmanship, and all the various hierarchical structures that fuck up relations between people.

If you can find it at your library, I think you'd really enjoy it.

5th Aug, 2004 02:35 (UTC)
for the recommendation!