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it's all waiting

Evening #12,066I'm in a bit of a black mood. Sick of things, mosquitos, heat, that bloody printer, all those silly sing-song rhymes that go round and round in your head. I've put it all out into this week's strip, where it belongs. Really ought to photograph this hair ... More wine tonight; I found a posh retsina in Oddbins, which seemed like a bit of a contradiction in terms. It didn't have enough resin in it, not even worth a warning.

Staggered home, struggling for breath, and the rain came down while I was in a choked bus; idiot passengers deciding the risk of stray raindrops was greater than the risk of asphyxiation, escaped from closed window stifling into air so water-full I should have been trying to evolve gills. And the puddles! In the end I just waded through the ones on Cowley Road, though I skirted the ones on Randolph Street; the water wasn't clear, and god alone knows what was in it. Peeled off soaked clothes, glad of my plastic shoes that would dry well enough. The laptop wasn't really wet, my handbag's plastic had protected the palm and my sketchpads. Eyes full of acid rain but nothing ruined. Still, this tropical weather isn't me at all. I'm supposed to live in a temperate climate.

When it's this hot all I want to do is drink gin and be hateful.


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6th Aug, 2004 01:50 (UTC)
With the exception of the green hair, your strip sums up my life for the past 6 months - year. Aaaaah!
Our points of waiting may have different sources, but the emotion is the same, I dunno if that helps, I feel for you.
Knowing that someone else is feeling something uncannily similar (?) to what I'm feeling is disconcerting, in truth, I wouldn't wish this feeling on anyone. :-(
6th Aug, 2004 02:36 (UTC)
sorry, I'll be back
on happier fare quite soon, I hope -- when I'm properly distracted by something new rather than the same-old, same-old wind back through my past howevermany years, with just the lines getting slicker and the colours more even.

But it's all perspective -- I said something about doing just the same thing this year as I had been doing the year before to oxfordhacker and he shook my hand and congratulated me.

Keep on doing well what you're doing, I suppose ...
6th Aug, 2004 01:58 (UTC)
Yep, I have to agree with you mate. There's nothing worse than being cold from rain AND SWEATING at the same time. And God help you if you're wearing jeans....
6th Aug, 2004 02:37 (UTC)
acid rain sauna
not very nice
6th Aug, 2004 02:19 (UTC)
MIsery loves company! Me, I'll have vodka and being hateful.
It hasn't even rained here. The thunder just rumbles over to West London
6th Aug, 2004 02:29 (UTC)
west london bought up all the rain
the rain has cleared the air some, but the temperature is already climbing back up again. Here's hoping for a cool breeze to blow away the funny smell from the overflown drains ...

and no gin till teatime (sob)
6th Aug, 2004 03:59 (UTC)
At least I managed to upload the strip OK
It is I who has the privilege of uploading Jeremy's finished artwork to the web site, and it was last night I finally worked out what was preventing it from working on my new(ish) laptop that had forced me to retreat to my old desktop to upload the previous strip. So at last our TWS workflow has been fully migrated to the new system (to use slightly pretentious terminology).
6th Aug, 2004 08:07 (UTC)
Apropos of Nothing Once Again
But inspired by your strip. I have often thought that while walking one's dog, the entire universe temporarily is located on the dog's butt. You walk and walk with your thoughts centering on that butt, stare silently at that butt hoping to see something come out of it so you can go home and have a cup of tea. Inspired in a good way. Really.
6th Aug, 2004 16:38 (UTC)
Re: Apropos of Nothing Once Again
oh, god ....

that was worth a laugh. Thank-you :D
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