Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

two dreams

I dreamt that I worked looking after animals. I was visiting somewhere where I needed to do something to the horses, nothing too serious, a check-up or a vaccination, but as well as the horses, they had a unicorn. I looked out of the kitchen window at the horses. The paddock was a steep slope, beyond the double glazing and two fences, fringed by low trees. I Couldn't see the unicorn but assumed it was there somewhere. I was sure I could handle it but wanted to talk to someone else first to I phoned up my friend, who also worked with animals. He didn't have time to talk to me and was angry that I had called. As I spoke to him, I saw the unicorn, running down the paddock with the other horses. It was bigger even than I had expected, a primitive animal with shaggy hair and a pronounced ridge of hair down its back from its high shoulders to its sloped hindquarters, big bones under loose skin, small head topped with a short horn; no pretty inhabitant of greeting cards this, but a brutal throwback to a time before horses sat beneath man. I shrugged and picked up my bag, mind dull, uncaring. The work needed to be done.


I dreamt that I was a Science Hero living in a world where it was summer and everything was connected by roads and railways. We travelled from place to place in unusual vehicles, except for me; I flew, or took the bus. We were caught in an endless space between episodes; going on coach excursions with my sister, Vic, doing a night-time training run with one of the lads (a remarkable boy -- he travelled in a big blue luminous fish which ran on the rails, and which could suck in infinite quantities of stuff), having friendly chats with old enemies who haven't really got anything on right now, etc., etc. One of the guys was cross that it was his birthday and they weren't doing anything, they were just loungeing around, relaxing. He said, "Are we guys? Is it my birthday? Are we heroes?" He picked them up (he was a bit superstrong) and slung them into his vehicle, which looked a bit like an enormous Robot Wars robot (Matilda, I think, but more driveable), along with a rolled-up green mat, and took off down the road. I wasn't with them (I'm not a guy) but I know what they did. They stopped off for food, and had a picnic at the side of the road, and when he unrolled the green mat, it had the world's best miniature train set in it, and they ate and drank and played with the trains, and teased each other for playing with trains, and ate and drank some more, and eventually they came home in the evening, laughing their dumb-ass heads off. Does it sound like I'm sad I was left out? I wasn't, at all, either sad or left out. I suppose I was some sort telepath in the dream.

Damian on dream one: "Jeremy! Really! That's disgusting!"

Damian on dream two: "Did you know we forgot Gideon's birthday?" ... oh bum.

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