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Spambot is back! ... and this time pretending to be "Uncannier E. Koreans". I recognised it right away, though. Subject line: "Cleanskies i've been lost, thanx for finding me abase"

"lover jaunt envoy uncle throw bases kitty bound dream steel fairy motor man"
"stirs plump gulls whore fudge human"
"gifts heart queer"

hee hee


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26th Aug, 2004 09:01 (UTC)
Saw these links and thought of you...
accommodatingly's friend Jordan writes about spam poetry in the Village Voice here.

And there's a community for it now: spam_poetry.
27th Aug, 2004 02:59 (UTC)
of course, you know something's really over when ...
you've joined the livejournal community for it!

... I thought my spambot had left me, but this morning there's a message from Monumental A. Upholding, which just has to be them.

Says that it's newly single -- been dallyingh with another spam-receiver doubtless.

pants solar jaded whore crept kings moans qualm chair
abeam jewel close crawl break needs means guard guard pasta.
blown sharp moans labor whore world.

Oooh, dark. I forgive them.
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