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At lunch I wandered through Boswells to ogle plastic and found a whole host of new Bratzes, including Flashback Fever Eitan, or Look, a Franz Ferdinand doll! as I prefer to call him. Check out his dinky handbag, tight white jeans, and sleazy white-top shoes. Actually, he looks more like the android boys from the Michael video than any of the Franzes. The Michael video starts promising and ends in a lather of multi-limbed weirdness, but is obviously doing its po-faced level best to distract from the sticky lyrics. It also looks like it was commissioned from the people who do Placebo videos -- record companies just being able to cope with the one flavour of homoeroticism, I suppose.

Opened NIALL and by accident failed to start up my default dictionary, "workmate" (in absense of any actual workmates, I use it to discuss new ideas with). I'd already given it the first three lines of Be My Wife as warm-up, so I thought, what the heck, it was getting boring talking about work all the time anyway and now I'm feeding the new dictionary exclusively on David Bowie lyrics. He's already getting quite creative:
baby I've travelled all over the carpet I get so lonely
Blue electric blue that's the Norfolk Broads
the hinterland the colour of my dog and me
I am a camoflage face with the world
whoah we love in a doorway
ground control to the news today oh remember they were a god awful small affair for the latest parties
Yes, OK, I did the Buffy Meme. I share this only because I think some of you may be amused by the idea of autodidactic as Buffy, truecatachresis as Willow, swisstone as Dawn and jackfirecat as Anya as funny as I did. Meanwhile, Spike is a now defunct webcomic I found mildly amusing ...


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10th Aug, 2004 10:02 (UTC)
Hubba! I get to boink James Marsters!

10th Aug, 2004 17:55 (UTC)
And Angel once. By the way, having seen james marsters in person and up close...he does look good...very good. And he's 42.
(Deleted comment)
10th Aug, 2004 16:42 (UTC)
he is simply rewarding your own extraordinary eloquence ... ;)
10th Aug, 2004 10:27 (UTC)
The Buffy Meme
According to someone else's version of this, I am Faith.

Somehow, I find the idea strangely... attractive.

10th Aug, 2004 10:36 (UTC)
Buffy Meme.
Well, I just had a bash, and it seems you are Buffy, crazycrone is Willow, apperott is Dawn and ingaborg is Warren(?)
Strangely grinworthy. :-)
10th Aug, 2004 10:44 (UTC)
Doll madness
That doll's going to give me nightmares, I mean, detachable feet and a car necklace?
10th Aug, 2004 16:24 (UTC)
car necklace
I think it's supposed to be a keyring.

Lots of dollies are amputees nowadays. If you want them to be dressable and have big feet it's about the only way.
10th Aug, 2004 17:54 (UTC)
Oh my God...Franz has a MAN-BAG!
11th Aug, 2004 00:22 (UTC)
I don't understand why all the Franz Ferdinand videos have to stink so egregiously. Their music is delightful, but every single video is just a complete waste of time. The "Michael" video? Such stereotyped monochromatic ennui, I felt trapped in the late 80s just watching it. "Dark of the Matinee" ... so much could have been done with that, and instead we get a cheesy Slade video. And "Darts of Pleasure" ... I don't know. I just don't know what to say about the teeth.

Awful, a complete do over across the board.


11th Aug, 2004 03:00 (UTC)
all their videos?
... I've never seen Darts of Pleasure. But the video for Take me Out is bloody brilliant -- I've been wondering if I've been judging their videos unfairly because their first one (here) was so good ...

But no, you're right. They're not living up to the music.

Although, on the bright side, they make me feel a lot better about *my* shit hair.
11th Aug, 2004 05:12 (UTC)
Re: all their videos?
Fair 'nuff, I haven't seen "Take Me Out." I'll have to seek it out.

11th Aug, 2004 07:23 (UTC)
the only video of theirs I've seen is Take Me Out,
and I had assumed that they were therefore rather a good video band. Sucks.
11th Aug, 2004 18:34 (UTC)
they aren't altogether shite
matinee has its moments, but appears to be at least three seperate videos fighting it out -- while Michael contains some very snigger-worthy boy posing and the surprising revelation that someone with three arms playing a double-head guitar looks kind of kinky ...

but nothing to compare with take me out
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