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sore legs on monday

Walked past a drag king on the way into work this morning, trying out her new moustache, trying to pass... looked back to check and her long bad boy shorts were loose but not quite loose enough to hide her girish arse ... she didn't look back at me, probably likes'em boyish just like her.

Reported Saturday and Sunday over on caption additionally -- not really work, more a way of winding down and digesting the day so I could sleep. Overall, the weekend treated me well, lovely times chatting and hanging out and shopping and sulking and managing to pull off what I thought was a quite impossible workshop.

Again, I think to myself that I'm luckier than I have any right to expect to be.

The Spambot wanted to know how the weekend went, well actually said "egypt comic jihad timid and fugue" but I know what was meant, hmm, hmm "Sexy top" ... hehe, thanks for noticing! I also got mail from Vertebrates M. Slumlord, but the contents were boring, however this bot may yet become a serious rival to Nanaimo:
Your medications done right Cleanskies cigarette usury fusillade briefcase

When sandwich beyond feels nagging remorse, for hockey player rejoices. Any tuba player can admonish looking glass toward sandwich, but it takes a real dilettante to toward marzipan. When you see diskette near girl, it means that inferiority complex toward takes a coffee break. Aspersion bondsman ovary creche compendium cashier behind is load bearing.
...doesn't quite have my interests down pat yet, but is trying.

In all the excitement about Caption, I missed the sad, sad news about all those gay marriages turning into refunds. It made me feel sad and kind of hopeless, because (a bit like trying to find a girlfriend when you're a provincial lesbian) where gay marriage is concerned the numbers are stacked hard against success. Only about 10% of the population will ever need the freedom it represents; approached democratically, it's never going to happen.

Siiiigh. Lunch.


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16th Aug, 2004 05:42 (UTC)
The Spambot wanted to know how the weekend went, well actually said "egypt comic jihad timid and fugue"

I just got a couple from the Spiderman Pharmacy. (I want what he's having!).
16th Aug, 2004 05:52 (UTC)
missed you at the weekend, alas
... but may have recruited some more MCRers in the wake of the hilarious badger auction and my horribly complicated workshop. I'll mail you details when I found out where I filed them ...

hmmm, viagria, cialis, radioactive spider venom ...
16th Aug, 2004 05:55 (UTC)
Re: missed you at the weekend, alas
Groovy. I'll start from scratch and readvertise for the first w/end in Dec.
16th Aug, 2004 08:55 (UTC)
Re: missed you at the weekend, alas
The joys of finding a weekend to suit everyone... I doubt we'll be able to make it if it's the 1st w/e of Dec.
16th Aug, 2004 08:56 (UTC)
Re: missed you at the weekend, alas
Oh, bugger - how's the second w/e then?
(Deleted comment)
19th Aug, 2004 12:57 (UTC)
Not altogether sure, but you can see a couple pictures here: http://peteashton.com/04/08/15/caption_2004_has_occ.html

When I've got a moment to do some editing, there should also be a tiny video. I chucked out some, but I've kept my favourites. I think the one which is me having my head bit off by a goose will make a good brush-holder.
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