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happy holidays

artist's holidayYeah, fair enough. This week's strip isn't really anything of the sort ... just a muddle of bits and pieces from Caption and my three-day holiday (last day today). No I didn't go anywhere. Well, I went to London yesterday, but that's practically just staying home (the bus-driver gave me a Danish Pastry!) ... especially given that I spent most of the day hanging out with andypop rambling about art, dodging rain and watching queer karaoke, which is like straight karaoke but with much better hair.

Oh, and guess what? New mad stuff at the Tate Modern. Up in nude/body/action there's a new Olafur Eliasson -- the guy who did the Weather Project -- perfect for anyone who ever wondered what it might be like to sit inside one of those colour-changing lights. Stay in there for a while, and look out for aura-like colour fringes around other people. Also, Scrapheap Services by Michael Landy is probably best seen soon; we talked to an attendant with pretty pink hair, who told us that the little people are all just walking out of there. They were trampled into the floor all through the next room (subversive objects).

But today I just wrapped myself around a bit of spare time. Time to laze around reading The Fortean Times and Demo, to listen to CDs by bands that don't exist any more, upload a picture to the Mirror Project, try out my new pencils in my modern art colouring book, look through The Best of Beardsley and listen to the rain.

Hey! I have Toogle Juice!


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19th Aug, 2004 13:50 (UTC)
I do like those expressionist geese, in spite of the fact that I'm quite scared of geese.
19th Aug, 2004 13:57 (UTC)
these geese
were being chased by a small boy who wanted to stroke them. I admired their complete lack of concern ...
20th Aug, 2004 01:29 (UTC)
I love those changing light rooms
...but they are always full of bloody kids when I get to go the TM, plus I loathe the thematic hanging policy. What's so terrible about chronology/artist? Eh? Eh?
20th Aug, 2004 01:46 (UTC)
kids get bored
We sat down and waited for them to go away ... and they did.

The thematic stuff doesn't bother me -- and it does allow them to pack 'em in -- but then I have never studied art history and probably wouldn't know what was important (or indeed when it was painted) if it came up and bit me on the arse.
20th Aug, 2004 01:53 (UTC)
Re: kids get bored
I s'pose. I just like wandering around vaguely and looking at things I like together with other things I would probably like. I'm sad that way. Plus, I miss the tea room at Tate Britain. And Wimpy burgers. And proper money. You know, pounds, shillings and pence. muttermutter.
20th Aug, 2004 02:06 (UTC)
well, there's always the National ...
Although people look at me funny there because I have green hair.
20th Aug, 2004 02:20 (UTC)
Re: well, there's always the National ...
Seriously? Eejits. Must be Tonbridge Wells tourists. We don't want their sort here. I remember a very interesting tube journey with my extremely flamboyant friend when I still had pink hair and a nose piercing (oh how weird). We were joined at a Zone 4 station by scores of Countryside Alliance marchers heading for Hyde Park. They stared at us. They pointed. They whispered amongst themselves. Then the Londoners started to get on. By the time we got to Zone 1, they were huddled at one end of the carriage staring at all the freaks - who were too polite to laugh at their barbour jackets.
20th Aug, 2004 02:45 (UTC)
they probably just think I clash with the art
Blue hair might go down better.

Although, the National does have that whole hushed halls of age feel about it -- old rooms full of huge dark paintings, with chickennecked men and women with lots of rings and shawls, craning at them knowledgably

Barbour jackets make me very twitchy. And that current craze for flat caps, what's all that about? Eh?
20th Aug, 2004 02:53 (UTC)
Flat caps have strange associations
see, we're supposed to look at them and go 'Oooh, posh.', but actually we look at them and go 'Oooh, Del-boy.'
Apparently I whistle like a man in flat cap. A colleague asked me where my whippet was.
20th Aug, 2004 03:34 (UTC)
where is it?
20th Aug, 2004 03:59 (UTC)
To be honest
the whippet ran away when it found out I wasn't a dog owner. There was a mix-up at the distribution centre. I said fog-owner in search of pipette and they misheard.
20th Aug, 2004 05:27 (UTC)
you own fog?
Is it house-trained, or is more of a kennel fog?
20th Aug, 2004 05:34 (UTC)
hard to say
as it refuses to be pinned down by outdated identity definitions. It loiters around the bathroom, I know that. Thankfully very low maintenance and is occasionally very cute. Good pet!
20th Aug, 2004 03:22 (UTC)
There's nowt wrong with flat caps..
20th Aug, 2004 03:34 (UTC)
nothing a pair of secateurs won't fix, anyway
there speaks a man who's never herded geese with one dripping rainwater down his nose.
20th Aug, 2004 05:20 (UTC)
I can't argue with you there.
20th Aug, 2004 03:20 (UTC)
"Eat mushrooms" panel particularly ohhhhh-worthy.
I must check out 'Scrapheap Services'; looks ace.
20th Aug, 2004 03:36 (UTC)
colour pencils
-- birthday present from Matt (Brooker). I was all, pfeh, colour pencils, but they're actually really nice (on 2-sheet coloured card, anyway) especially the fluorescents, gold and silver.

Scrapheap Services did feel like something done with me in mind ...
21st Aug, 2004 08:03 (UTC)
Excellent mirror project picture; I had a go at that but the results were rather lacklustre. Perhaps I should have another go.
25th Mar, 2007 12:43 (UTC)
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25th Mar, 2007 15:46 (UTC)
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