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Vote for this vision of loveliness instead:

Just as a wild guess, how old do you suppose Big Green Riding Hood's firstborn son is? It might have an effect on the storyline.

Also: Oh dear. Komodo dragon's love quest plunge.


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20th Aug, 2004 09:26 (UTC)
Do you know... I can't recall if I've done a panel for next time yet or not. My brain is scrambled. Maybe I'd better do one, just in case.
20th Aug, 2004 16:38 (UTC)
Impressively selfless of you to ask people to NOT vote for your panel!

This one is by Wren Gullo, whose art can be seen at his LJ: tzarohell.

I've just plugged the game in my diary, so one hopes other comic-drawing Readers Of Dickon around the world will join in, whether they continue with the dandy character or not.

I also turned off the Comments Box for the entry in question, in the hope people are more likely to click on the links to the game and to the respective LJs of you and Wren, and comment there instead. Let's see if that works...
23rd Aug, 2004 05:39 (UTC)
I'm sorry,
you went a bit Bowie this week. Thanks for sending me in the direction of <lj user="tzarohell</a> -- what pretty pictures. And reassuring to know that I'm not the only person who has imaginary conversations with Aubrey Beardsley.
21st Aug, 2004 02:08 (UTC)
London Zoo Tragedy
Alas, poor Nina. First 'Died for Love' story I've encountered involving Komodo dragons... And did you see her poor mate languishing on the TV news? (Sniff)
21st Aug, 2004 02:57 (UTC)
Re: London Zoo Tragedy
There's a picture of him in todays Guardian. The caption says "bereft", and I'll take their word for it.
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