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Seeeethe! I was just down OxPrint to do paste-up copies for the gestalt autobiography workshop comic (if you took part, you can expect a copy later this week) and the paper tray had been massively overstuffed with paper rammed in any old how, I was 15p down before I figured out what was going wrong. But I'm not at my best this morning. This afternoon.

Joy! Lovely Jeffrey Lewis is playing The Cellar in Oxford. Maybe he's playing near you, too.

Relief! The bit of my comic (this is a longer one, aiming to have the first issue ashcanned for Winterval) that I kept drifting away from had a missing scene (about a card from Madam Yoho's Traditional Tantric Brothel) which I've now identified (though not yet inserted) and I feel much better about it.

Disappointment! Last week's Picky Picky game went unchallenged (post-caption langour taking its toll) although, sweetly, people are still voting ...

EDIT: Damian, I'm sorry I shrank your laptop case. If only it had had washing instructions.


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23rd Aug, 2004 09:27 (UTC)
Washing Instructions..
That label is brilliant! I'm trying not to laugh out loud at my desk.
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