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Kafka's spirit trapped on euro-e-gov complaints sites

The Belgian and Dutch governments are planning to launch a web service where citizens and businessescan lodge complaints about excessive EU bureaucracy, based on the ground-breaking Belgian site

The Belgian site, named after Czech author Franz Kafka who wrote about the nightmares of modern bureaucracy, was set up by the country's federal and regional authorities in December 2003 and received over 3,800 complaints in its first four months. As a result of the feedback posted on the site, the Belgian government says it is making efforts to involve local communes in simplifying services. It also proposes to use the "Kafka test" as a way of analysing proposals for new regulations.

"With an instrument such as*, we will be able to react quickly in order to curb European regulation mania," said Vincent van Quickenborne, the Belgian secretary of state for simplified government. [Source]

*Going live Nov 2004. It says here.

Ah, "crude desire is satisfiable by fungible bodies" ... now that's what I call a word of the day.

Over the weekend I had a dream in random-dot stereograms. It was embarassing and horribly tacky. I also had a dream about extreme minicomiceering, a new sport which combines aspects of skateboarding and street luge with making a minicomic. Might appeal to ladylucy, probably a bit scary for the rest of us.

Mood of Google: right now, I should be cleaning this office, but instead I'm thinking about my inference from a conference.

Note to self: haplessness is not endearing.
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