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a gathering of evidence (1)

horrible word discovered today: glocalisation

new form of self-decoration discovered today: road rash

place i was unexpectedly recognised today: st gile's cafe

best argument for the existence of a benign force at work in the universe today: losing a glove, and then finding it

infection vector for meme follows (start with "POINTEDLY GETTING DOWN TO IT")

  • the actual eye, shiny and black as the head of a pin.

  • as far above my head as I can get them, in line with the sun.

  • to avoid the machine becoming aroused, or unnerved by the sight of toes

  • better just to affect a friendly smile, and listen to their woes.</i>
  • a slow walk to no-where, with a quail

  • no

sleep. tidy. clean. shine.

see you where the lound music. is.


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27th Jan, 2002 14:47 (UTC)
I love when you lose something and your mother/sister/girlfriend/boyfriend/whatever trying to be helpful, says, "Well, where did you leave it last?"


I've added you to my friend list, if you don't mind, both on this LJ and my other: imagined
28th Jan, 2002 15:37 (UTC)
lost things
Things which are currently lost:

a small book being used for an art project called "platonic garbage"
my daytime camera, the one printed with a lemon pattern and loaded with 100 film
one of my citrine snake's head earrings

though I seem quite good at finding things, this is only because I can always find something, even if it was not what I was looking for

what was the question? Oh yes, do I mind. Of course not, why should i?

easily distracted (you have time for two LJs? wow ....)

28th Jan, 2002 15:48 (UTC)
Re: lost things
Well, it's like this, Keithdok is like my diary and Imagined is like my poetry notebook.
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