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explaining the nine ages of a cartoonist

The 9 Ages of a CartoonistThis week's Strip comes with a bit of an explaination.

At Caption 2004 I ran a gestalt autobiography workshop (teams of three writing an autobiographical strip about all three of them) which worked quite well, in the end. Afterwards I took the artwork to make up into a mini-comic to send off to the participants. The comic contains the four strips, an outline of the workshop, suggestions for improvements, and two of the inexplicable diagrams I use to try and explain storytelling principles to people (sorry about that). The cover of such comics is generally a either a group effort or drawn by the workshop leader -- and they all had far too much to do for a group effort (in fact, several people had to leave early, I may ask to start earlier next time) so I drew this for it. Quite quickly.

The framework of the story was "the nine ages of a cartoonist", a loose collision of Shakespeare's 7 Ages of Man speech and the classic 9-panel grid. I came up with the nine life-stages and passed it round the group as a template (if you're wasting time figuring out a plot you're unlikely to get much done in a two-hour workshop). Before the strips were drawn, each group shuffled the life-stages, but for this cover picture, I just stuck to original order, drawing on one of the handouts from the workshop.

Those of you who took part in the workshop, you should receive your copy of the comic today or tomorrow. I have a few spare, if anyone wants one.


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27th Aug, 2004 04:30 (UTC)
The student is really cute.
27th Aug, 2004 05:27 (UTC)

Well, I do tend to draw everyone a bit pretty ...
27th Aug, 2004 05:05 (UTC)
Stupid to ask and it's NOMB but
angry and tired? You ok?
27th Aug, 2004 05:26 (UTC)
computer woes, mostly
I picked up a virus on quizilla yesterday, and had to spend about 40 minutes terminating it with extreme prejudice ... only to discover that at the same time my hosts were rolling out a new control panel and had somehow succeeded in disrupting my own admin interface at the same time ... and now ftp access has mysteriously failed in a singularly unhelpful way.

To make matters worse, I woke up this morning from a nightmare in which I was accessory to a terrorist who was blowing up the giant golden trains that were the only real infrastructure in a world where almost everything was crabstick pink. Well, there were airships, but they were not much use.

uhhh ... sorry, you did ask!
27th Aug, 2004 05:37 (UTC)
I did
and I'm not sorry. Not at all, y'hear? Your dream sounds kind of...disturbing but yummy. Giant golden trains! Airships! Oooh! Sounds kind of D'Israeli to me. Was there fishpaste?
27th Aug, 2004 05:45 (UTC)
no, but it was a bit future bio-steampunk, now I come to think of it
He'd be the perfect person to draw it, and then there would be fishpaste.

Better that than crabsticls, anyway. :/
27th Aug, 2004 05:47 (UTC)
I LIKE crabsticks
but I'm sorry you've had technical problems. I hope they're over. I'll stop harassing you and get back. to. work. now.
27th Aug, 2004 05:50 (UTC)
work, yes.
27th Aug, 2004 07:19 (UTC)
Absolutely BRILLIANT, as ever!
28th Aug, 2004 02:46 (UTC)
.... so, what are your nine ages of an artist? I know you're out of theatres, but I'm missing seeing your work.
28th Aug, 2004 05:10 (UTC)
Re: thanks!
I'll be back in theaters soon. I'm building them from scratch! Harumpf! and Fie on those Chinese and their precision boxes. I'll go them one better! :-)
I'll have to think on your question.
28th Aug, 2004 01:59 (UTC)
Yeah, neat...
I'd love to see the workshop results if there's a spare copy. I'm still narked that I missed it.
Got your tickets for Serbia yet? I'm going 27 Sept-7 Oct, and at the moment, revelling in my insanity. (Terror, regret, shame, weeks of living on cost-cutter cornflakes, etc. come later...)
28th Aug, 2004 02:45 (UTC)
no prob --
I can probably get it from caption, but it'd be nice if you could send me your address -- the latest indignity of my ongoing computer woes had trashed my mail addresses database ...

TBH I've not looked at the Grrr stuff yet. Caption has no money left, so I'll be a) looking at the cheapest travel options -- did you mention a bus? and b) be revelling in my insanity, too ....
(Deleted comment)
31st Aug, 2004 06:09 (UTC)
thanks ...
I put a link to your photos in the caption community, hope you don't mind.
31st Aug, 2004 02:17 (UTC)
Re: no prob --
Oh man...Compuetr woes, tell me about it. Uhhhh.
Actually, maybe you could bring a copy to GRRR! insead of sending it, if it's not too bulky. I'm sure the admiring Slavic hordes will be interested.
Probably your best bet is to fly JAT.They have a 'special' which comes to ?150 with tax+ thingies. I considered the coach,too, but it's really not much cheaper, and it's a 48-hour deal, with changing and long waits, etc. Kinda strenuous...
BA also seems to offer a Belgrade deal for about ?140ish, but I dunno how 'safe' they are at the moment. Those are the cheapest I've seen. I went JAT last time, and it was quite bearable.
31st Aug, 2004 06:22 (UTC)
I'm beginning to get big misgivings about the whole thing, actually ...
31st Aug, 2004 06:41 (UTC)
Re: uhhhh
Noooo, it's so weird and wonderful, you gotta- Besides, they're gonna have a field trip on the last day to a village full of whacked-out naive artists...
Also, the fun of being treated like a celeb (something akin to Norman Wisdom in Albania-) by comic-hungry serbs is so hilarious it needs to be experienced. Not to mention the joy of bureks.
31st Aug, 2004 07:08 (UTC)
but there are people out there who know and like your comics. Absolutely noone out there's going to have even seen my stuff, let alone like it.

I think the reason you were treated like a celeb is because, you know, you are one.
31st Aug, 2004 08:25 (UTC)
Re: mrrr
But there was stuff of yours in last year's GRRR! remember? It was greatly admired. Nobody much knew my stuff before I got there, I don't think...C'mon, you know you want to...
1st Sep, 2004 08:44 (UTC)
Wants one!
1st Sep, 2004 12:20 (UTC)
send your address my way, then; I've lost all my contacts though a combination of bad luck and stupidity.
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