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how large do you want your Anton?

Picky Picky game picked up decidedly this week, probably the prospect of designing a new character: allow me to present Anton Green-Hood, available in:

small ...

... medium

perfectly formed ...

... and extra large.

And yes, I have been watching too much Samurai Jack, how nice of you to notice. So, who's your favourite?

EDIT: Sorry anyone who had a friends page messed up by this -- my browser didn't show up the error.


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31st Aug, 2004 04:35 (UTC)
Ooh, cool! I really should get back into it, but I seem to have been distracted by other things (like work...)
31st Aug, 2004 06:05 (UTC)
I'm using it
to distract me from work ...
31st Aug, 2004 06:45 (UTC)
For some reason, your post completely fouled up my Friends page. Removing you from my list of friends has fixed it... You might want to check your HTML
31st Aug, 2004 07:04 (UTC)
bloody internet explorer.
loose table tag not showing up for me. Try it again?
31st Aug, 2004 08:54 (UTC)
Re: bloody internet explorer.
works now. Consider yourself my friend once more...
3rd Sep, 2004 08:26 (UTC)
There's such a thing as too much Samurai Jack?
3rd Sep, 2004 09:07 (UTC)
I'm not sure
... so I expect I'll just have to keep experimenting until I reach overload. (Makes the happy face.)
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