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Find the eyes, originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

The eyes! The eeeeeyyyyyyyeeeees!

If you click through to flickr there's another shot.

(I'm very sorry. This is the first and last time you will see baby photos in my blog.)


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1st Sep, 2004 06:42 (UTC)
Not in Firefox
Flickr doesn't work for me when I click on your links (Firefox/Linux). I can see the thumbnails, but not the single image page. From the page source it looks as if Flickr is doing lots of tricks to avoid image copying, with the result that I don't see it at all.

- Adrian
1st Sep, 2004 06:54 (UTC)
damn, sorry ..
still, it is in Beta, so you should should probably tell them that. Must be something to do with the firefox-linux combo because firefox-windows (my usual home combo) is OK with it.

is your flash up to date? It does seem to be a bit finicky about that.
1st Sep, 2004 06:58 (UTC)
or try a bit later
the picture failed to load once for me ... on the other hand, internet availability is getting so bad here I'm considering going to work at home this afternoon, so that may have nothing to do with it.
1st Sep, 2004 07:24 (UTC)
Re: Not in Firefox
Everything /seems/ to work ok my Firefox binary (for Debian Sarge, mozilla-firefox_0.8-12_i386.deb)

I think I'm using Shockwave Flash 7.0 r25, if that makes a difference.
1st Sep, 2004 07:45 (UTC)
Re: Not in Firefox
I was using that Flash version. Now I've removed Flash from the browser, and Flickr works fine for me.

- Adrian
1st Sep, 2004 08:00 (UTC)
wow *grin*
1st Sep, 2004 08:21 (UTC)
Now you've got me humming Franz Ferdinand.
1st Sep, 2004 09:42 (UTC)
What an adorable bundle!!
1st Sep, 2004 09:49 (UTC)
Obviously a true Child of the Damned; the demonic glassy goggle-eyes mirthless rictus, etc.
1st Sep, 2004 15:48 (UTC)
it's not just the photo
the eyes are kind of weird in real life, too. She does seem quite cheerful, though; probably plotting.
1st Sep, 2004 10:19 (UTC)
Coochie coochie coo! Coochie? No? No; I'm not very good with children. But, Aaaaaaah. Choo-choo-choo....
1st Sep, 2004 11:51 (UTC)
OK, you were right. I think she is the cutest baby evar!
1st Sep, 2004 12:26 (UTC)
Your niece looks like a child with A Personality. As they say.
1st Sep, 2004 15:52 (UTC)
she isn't even one yet,
so not much of a personality, yet, really.

Which reminds me, her birthday's on the 9th. Unfortunately I don't think the robot guineapig is good for under 3s ...
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