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resplendent quetzal : assured the smile in the face

Quetzal Avocado Start-up PlanOne of the things I really respect about Quetzals, the star of this week's strip, is that they don't photograph well. Partly this is their shape (I didn't manage to get all that tail into a frame, and neither does anyone else) and partly it's the absolute iridescence of their feathers. Iridescent process green, iridescent pure red. As I discovered last night, they also don't cartoon happily; this is one of the biggest image files I have ever posted, sorry about that. And it's still not a patch on the original.

The Resplendent Quetzal, to give it its full name (maybe they were expecting to find a less impressive one?) does actually eat avocados, although it is a wild variety and not as big as the ones we find in supermarkets. I don't actually much like avocados, but if they were helping to save the quetzal ...

Weasel coffee is available from Edible, along with many other weird foodstuffs (yes, "refined" is a euphemism), including monkey-picked tea, which should not be confused with the much more widely available "monkey-picked" or Tieguanyin tea which is actually picked by highly-trained humans.

This strip is dedicated to David Attenborough and my Mum, whose logo design for her sign-painting business Quezal was inspirational to this strip, especially panel 7.

Another review! monocat pointed me in the direction of up-and-coming Spanish comics queen Carla Berrocal's weblog, who has been much less slack than I have about writing a list of recommended titles following caption. Mangled by google's translation tool, Whores of Mensa becomes Stupid Whores of, and one of my overlong titles becomes unexpectedly rural -- we do not go to bed when we plows tired ...

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