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notes to self

Stick with this difficult but interesting piece on women in combat. Note the bit about protesting the burkha.

Blimey. You turn away for a moment and your MP resigns from cabinet, and will now be spending more time with his family and constituency, i.e. you. Will this improve Cowley Road or gentrify it?

Growl and tear out your hair as people consult adults about what children should be told about sex. Perhaps they should try asking the children, eh? ... and while we're at it don't bother commenting to the BBC as your comments aren't reflecting public opinion while those of the abstinence lobby are. You are in a minority, do not forget this.

Cheer up; remember the picture of the savage Polar Bear Family looking up at the Arctic Coring Expedition? Be of good cheer. There are asphalt volcanos under the sea, and before people could take photos of the ice, they made Polar Expedition magic lantern slides.


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7th Sep, 2004 10:25 (UTC)
I'm quite proud of him, really, what with those rumours of not wanting to cut disabilty benefits.
7th Sep, 2004 12:07 (UTC)
People are still having sex
Well, that BBC thing is nicely depressing.

When there are these stories I always think of the song lyrics (which I thought were Frank Zappa but apparently not)

"Have you noticed, that people are still having sex
All the denouncement had absolutely no effect
Parents and counselors constantly scorn them
but people are still having sex and nothing seems to stop them"

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