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It was going to be a few lightweight, funny weeks -- I had a great script lined up about gerbils -- but part of the thing of the weekly strip is that it's what I need to write this week. Brilliant ideas be damned, these strips are of the time, and this week I've not been in a joking mood. [distressing news stories, hovering over the link should tell you which ones, if you can't guess]

Initially I wasn't going to produce a strip at all this week, I was going to colour in a picture of the characters from The Company of Dead Poets, but I wasn't even feeling much like that. So instead I decided to try experimenting with combining the sequins I bought from Selfridges with artwork. (They had stocked them in the run up to Notting Hill Carnival; I found them on the day of the carnival, all on sale, surrounded by women on their knees, going through the tiny sparkling packets while their husbands stood by patiently, think I was the only white women there.)

I thought the glass pen with coloured ink was least likely to be overpowered by the sequins, and decided to use up a bundle of tiny slips of absorbant hand-made paper I'd gotten free with a pen. The first picture I drew was panel 8 of this week's strip. If you look at it closely, you can see that I changed the words. Originally it said, "if I start crying I will never stop"; but the lettering was scratchy and didn't say what I wanted it to. By the time I drew panel 2, I knew I was writing this week's strip whether I wanted to or no; and on panel 7, I found its name, refrain -- with the double meaning of chorus and stop; words you repeat again and again until the meaning is gone.

I'm still uncertain about the final panel. The words were going to be "but don't go blind from crying.", then "but don't go blind from it." before I settled on the final wording. I'm not altogether sure it's an improvement, but it is more refrain-like. It also scored the highest number of redraws (I can't pencil on this paper so it all has to be drawn directly freehand), second after panel 6.

Inks used are sandalwood, orange, lily-of-the-valley, lily, rose, musk and pine green. The linework is mostly sandalwood, with a little violet and calligraphy blue-black for emphasis.


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9th Sep, 2004 06:34 (UTC)
It seems to have been one of those weeks all around...
Well done with the strip, though...
9th Sep, 2004 06:41 (UTC)
artists are lucky
there's always have something we can do.
9th Sep, 2004 06:47 (UTC)
Wow. That brought me back to reality. I think you should frame and hang that page.
9th Sep, 2004 06:55 (UTC)
I think I'll put it in
as one of the pieces for the exhibition at Grrr.
that's weird, - cleanskies - 9th Sep, 2004 09:19 (UTC) - Expand
and er, - cleanskies - 9th Sep, 2004 09:21 (UTC) - Expand
hmm. fallibly-prescient LJ. - jinty - 9th Sep, 2004 09:36 (UTC) - Expand
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9th Sep, 2004 06:54 (UTC)
Lovely. In the most serious of senses.
9th Sep, 2004 09:05 (UTC)
9th Sep, 2004 07:38 (UTC)
This makes me think of the concept of 'bearing witness'. It's something that my mum taught me about. It was originally a Quaker thing and it's one of the reasons I do the things I do with Greenpeace. Watching and noticing and bearing witness to what happens is a powerful thing. Even when we can't do anything else, we can do that. Yeah.
9th Sep, 2004 09:10 (UTC)
I agree
... even to something as trivial as a fight in the street, someone paying attention can make a difference; and so much more so on environmental or social outrages which rely upon people not noticing or turning a blind eye.
9th Sep, 2004 07:44 (UTC)
This resonated with
lyrics from the Kristen Hersh song Dirty Answer (1st track on this album) specifically the lines
"i don't judge people, i just watch them 'til it's time to look away. i want to look away now."
9th Sep, 2004 09:11 (UTC)
I'll have to
track it down. Thanks for that ...
9th Sep, 2004 08:09 (UTC)
You've surpassed yourself yet again!
9th Sep, 2004 09:12 (UTC)
from you that really menas a lot
(Deleted comment)
9th Sep, 2004 09:13 (UTC)
um, yes, they actually do
the scents as described. I've been wondering what to send you as a thankyou for the beautiful zines (I really liked Concrete, but they were all great) -- maybe you'd like some scented ink?
(Deleted comment)
may even be the same inks - cleanskies - 13th Sep, 2004 09:24 (UTC) - Expand
9th Sep, 2004 09:10 (UTC)
God, That's Good...
Yes, definitely bring it to GRRR! Boy, that one's really pushed all my buttons...
9th Sep, 2004 09:16 (UTC)
... I was thinking I needed more colour work (most of the originals are still black and white)

em, I'm back in contact with Sasa again and he's talking about bringing stuff -- 10-20 pieces, for an exhibition? What was it like last year? Should I bring stuff in plastic sleeves or what do you know?
Re: thanks, - crazycrone - 9th Sep, 2004 16:26 (UTC) - Expand
I've got the guide book, but - cleanskies - 10th Sep, 2004 02:34 (UTC) - Expand
Re: I've got the guide book, but - crazycrone - 10th Sep, 2004 05:12 (UTC) - Expand
I won't be able to head out early - cleanskies - 10th Sep, 2004 05:16 (UTC) - Expand
9th Sep, 2004 09:32 (UTC)
Wow. Just beautiful. Very moving. And thank you.
9th Sep, 2004 09:55 (UTC)
9th Sep, 2004 10:51 (UTC)
that's beautiful.
10th Sep, 2004 02:31 (UTC)

Beautiful out of ugly ...
9th Sep, 2004 17:08 (UTC)
Your last post
It resonates deeply with me too Jeremy.

Would you like to join the new ring, Illustrated Blogs, started by Vitriolica? I'm in it , so is Dem, so's MarsTokyo and more are coming in. Details are here:

Hope you do join.
10th Sep, 2004 02:40 (UTC)
thanks for the heads-up about that
I shall head over and check it out.

.. and I shall maybe be posting a naked blogger picture, too ! ... though it's a bit of cheat for me as I often blog from bed ...

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