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watching the evenings, originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

with The Evenings and The Faint at the Zodiac. There are photos on flickr, some of them you can see what they're of.

Now I'm off to watch Jeffrey Lewis.


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15th Sep, 2004 12:24 (UTC)
Oh have fun with Jeffrey Lewis- he's coming to Bristol on friday to play in a church crypt!
15th Sep, 2004 13:30 (UTC)
And will everyone have to have a go on him and bring carrots and all?
15th Sep, 2004 13:34 (UTC)
No- they just do that for donkeys called Howard
15th Sep, 2004 17:40 (UTC)
now there's
an interesting mental image ...
15th Sep, 2004 14:20 (UTC)
Bah. If it weren't for my stinking cold, I'd have been there. :(
15th Sep, 2004 18:09 (UTC)
did you make
the Faint last night, then?
15th Sep, 2004 14:45 (UTC)
Photostream Fear
That Hello Kitty from Hell is still bothering me, actually...
15th Sep, 2004 18:11 (UTC)
Re: Photostream Fear
it's a car-nodding thing. Its head wobbles in a broken-neckish fashion ... no, not helping.
15th Sep, 2004 18:31 (UTC)
still not helping
16th Sep, 2004 00:24 (UTC)
Re: Photostream Fear
Ahhhhhhhh! Not helping at ALL! How did she make it, btw?
16th Sep, 2004 02:21 (UTC)
it came that way
... with space for a photo of your baby in it (it came with a sample baby photo in its mouth, but the pictures of that were just too disturbing to post). I flipped the photo over and drew a mouth in it.
16th Sep, 2004 05:06 (UTC)
Re: it came that way
Brrrr, It gets worse and worse!
16th Sep, 2004 03:49 (UTC)
That's youcantstopthem in that photo there!
16th Sep, 2004 05:11 (UTC)
ah, cheers
I didn't know she had a livejournal.
18th Sep, 2004 04:40 (UTC)
All that ex-Sirus lot have livejournals. 19_headaches, my_analog_set, blakesekt, trisk_13..
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