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jeffrey lewis tries out a new song

It was about communism, but he'd only written the beginning, that didn't stop it being great (especially the picture of Karl Marx) shortly after that he decided the venue wasn't right for doing the flip-pad videos, which was a shame.

He seemed kind of nervous and distressed; anxiously sang a long, long song about New York punk. About halfway through it it occurred to me that if it'd been about British punk it would have been long over by now (and probably just been someone yelling FUCK FUCK FUCK a lot) ... but there was a fantastic song about an encounter on the subway that just got madder and madder ... and plenty of the repetitive shout-and-bounce-alongs that the off-their-faces kids really seemed to like (mind you, they also tried to sing along to the sweet and soulful encore).

Oh, and Misty's Big Adventure (supporting) were bloody brilliant.


16th Sep, 2004 17:43 (UTC)
Re: no, go & see JL instead!
Seen Misty's, yes they are good. But Rhythm King were extremely fine & the supports were also all good - see my entry for the full (surprising) tale. Besides, I'm a co-organiser! Yes please would like to see the JL comic. That can be your late birthday present if you want That's the only way I can afford to go, so yes, thanks! I expect Ed will want to go, but suspect he already has a ticket - ask him. If so, I'm certain another taker can be found easily, just let me know OK?
17th Sep, 2004 10:03 (UTC)
ok, consider it your present
I've asked Ed in his LJ but if you could mention it to him too that would be cool.
17th Sep, 2004 13:19 (UTC)
Re: ok, consider it your present
Dunker Shurn.