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What clothes should would the Harlequin Dandy prefer Anton Green-Hood to wear? Good suggestions might be drawn. Better still, draw them yourself.


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16th Sep, 2004 12:25 (UTC)
Ha. I just drew using only Appleworks and my left hand. Sheer stupidity that was, but once I'd started...
17th Sep, 2004 02:20 (UTC)
is it a cruuuuude picture then? (oh too early for that)
16th Sep, 2004 13:06 (UTC)
You know, I'm gonna have to get in on this, I figure...
E'en tho my art is suck.
17th Sep, 2004 02:23 (UTC)
deadline's midnight saturday GMT
come and join in the fun!
21st Sep, 2004 14:13 (UTC)
Re: deadline's midnight saturday GMT
Buggery. The bad kind.
I was far too busy with watching movies and...*gasp*...yardwork and having friends over for games and the like. Perhaps next time.
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