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There's a meme going around at the moment where you describe your ideal Con (as in Convention, though descriptions of tattooed burly men would also be fun). How lucky I am! From the look of the convention, I'm actually going to it at the beginning of October. Workshops and exhibitions on drawing comics on body-parts and shoes, lots of shorts and animations and plenty to see and do, including a visit to a village made entirely of art! And crazycrone is doing a live sketching event with a band! It's going to be awesome ...

I think that comic-wise I should probably do a short-run small special for the event (I'm very low on stock, and pratically out of minis). Damian keeps telling me I should draw up some of my dream strips (I rough them down as thumbnails in a Tin-tin sketchbook ) but I'm not sure, I find dreams twist as I try to draw them in detail, often leaving me unable to clearly remember what I dreamt at all.

Damn, I still feel really, really sick. It's all doom and gloom in my torso at the moment. (Sign above waterloo station toilets: £4 per torso.) Everything's black!

Never mind; there are things here to cheer me up; the rather saatchi infinite cat project, and the computer they thought we wouldn't have in 2004.


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20th Sep, 2004 10:43 (UTC)
Wowww, sounds amazing!! rather better than my Polish con(ference) experience!
20th Sep, 2004 12:26 (UTC)
quick note
hope you feel better... bb
20th Sep, 2004 13:18 (UTC)
Unrelated Comment
Did I ever tell you how excellent the N Testament is? I'm a big Hummement (sp?) fan. God, how can I be a fan if I can't even spell it? If I were at home, I'd look at the cover.
21st Sep, 2004 03:57 (UTC)
it's amazing isn't it?
I think I name it as an inspiration on the webpages somewhere ...
20th Sep, 2004 13:34 (UTC)
My housemate just had an asthma attack from laughing at the Infinite Cat Project. Next time, a health warning, please! By the way Whores of Mensa is so good that my friends stole it before I'd even finished reading it.
21st Sep, 2004 03:55 (UTC)
sorry about that ...
no permenant damage, I hope ... you should tell them to buy their own!
21st Sep, 2004 15:28 (UTC)
Re: sorry about that ...
Oh, it's her own fault, I closed down my browser and she demanded I put it back up again. Thank you for giving me permissino to slap my friends though! I shall now track down everything else you've ever done.
20th Sep, 2004 14:56 (UTC)
for better health very soon!
21st Sep, 2004 01:46 (UTC)
Hope you Feel Good By Now...
Have you got any WHORES OF MENSA left? I need to see this. BTW, have you posted stuff for the exhibit to me yet? Yeah, it does look pretty cool, GRRR!-wise, doesn't it? Lots more 'events' than last time... Me sketching along with a band whose lyrics I no comprendo should me a great moment in the annals of conceptual art, for starters!
Have you had any more info on getting met on arrival and whether they're taking you straight to Pancevo, or to Charles' place for the Friday night? Sasa seemed to think they could provide something more comfy that squeezing into the wincy flatlet , but I haven't been told any more. Hi Ho, Hi Ho...
21st Sep, 2004 03:53 (UTC)
... not posted yet
... I was supposed to be assembling the package last night, instead spent it flat out in bed ... decided to call family on the grounds that I felt like shit already and that is something you can do lying flat on your back ...

Sasa tells me someone will meet me at the airport and take me to the airport and tells me I'm staying in a hotel at Pancevo (!?) ... luxury! I'll send you whores along with the artwork, also the workshop comic ... and anything else I can think of ... hoho

ohhh me guts
21st Sep, 2004 07:00 (UTC)
Re: ... not posted yet
The ONLY hotel in Pancevo is the hair-raising, Iron Curtain theme park, the Tamis .Photo opportunities galore! See you there Friday, then! (Chortle...)
21st Sep, 2004 08:23 (UTC)
Re: ... not posted yet
oh cripes ... you're scaring me now.
21st Sep, 2004 11:05 (UTC)
Re: ... not posted yet
Cackle...(;oD) Just don't forget, you have to give them your passport when you check in.
Might be a good idea if you have one of those bathplugs that fit all possible 'oles, too. (I have one, if you don't...)
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