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lucky in entertainment, unlucky in health

There's a meme going around at the moment where you describe your ideal Con (as in Convention, though descriptions of tattooed burly men would also be fun). How lucky I am! From the look of the convention, I'm actually going to it at the beginning of October. Workshops and exhibitions on drawing comics on body-parts and shoes, lots of shorts and animations and plenty to see and do, including a visit to a village made entirely of art! And crazycrone is doing a live sketching event with a band! It's going to be awesome ...

I think that comic-wise I should probably do a short-run small special for the event (I'm very low on stock, and pratically out of minis). Damian keeps telling me I should draw up some of my dream strips (I rough them down as thumbnails in a Tin-tin sketchbook ) but I'm not sure, I find dreams twist as I try to draw them in detail, often leaving me unable to clearly remember what I dreamt at all.

Damn, I still feel really, really sick. It's all doom and gloom in my torso at the moment. (Sign above waterloo station toilets: £4 per torso.) Everything's black!

Never mind; there are things here to cheer me up; the rather saatchi infinite cat project, and the computer they thought we wouldn't have in 2004.

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