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self-treatment for nausea

Although I'd already clicked through to Spiderman Reviews Crayolas twice I'm not a fan of tapping my fingers while staring at huge background images, so I closed it off while it was still loading. Shame on me! I should be more tolerant of sites that strain the broadness of my band. I'm all fired up now. What do you think ... Hexidecimal reviews pen-nibs? Black Canary critiques Caran D'Ache? Playmobil devil does WHSmith coloured pencils? (nyeeeeh)

Oh, the ironyFeeling much better today after a day spent at home in bed wandering around, reading Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, weeping, fitfully tidying up, doing the washing (but not the washing up), reading Far Rainbow by the Strugatsky brothers, having a very odd dream about a circus (probably a result of The Lady and the Tiger which will hopefully be a new minicomic soon), loudly cursing my fate, my stomach and this horrible nausea (sorry, neighbours), selecting artwork for exhibition, re-re-re-reading The Ballad of Halo Jones and reprogramming Tivo so that it won't privilege Zoids over Animaniacs.

EDIT: Bollocks I am. Rough, rough, rough. I'm not sure I fancy puking in the work toilet. It seems like one of those private things you should do in the privacy of your own private bathroom.

Focus, Jeremy. Beautiful things. Like this striking collar made from an old Doc Marten boot, (context), or this adorable bunny. Look at its little eyes! (context)

And, over in the Picky Picky game, costumes are going on and coming off:

action hero against his will or forced against his ethics to promote the eating of shrimp

my contribution for next week is rather brutal, someone else should probably draw something.

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