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self-treatment for nausea

Although I'd already clicked through to Spiderman Reviews Crayolas twice I'm not a fan of tapping my fingers while staring at huge background images, so I closed it off while it was still loading. Shame on me! I should be more tolerant of sites that strain the broadness of my band. I'm all fired up now. What do you think ... Hexidecimal reviews pen-nibs? Black Canary critiques Caran D'Ache? Playmobil devil does WHSmith coloured pencils? (nyeeeeh)

Oh, the ironyFeeling much better today after a day spent at home in bed wandering around, reading Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, weeping, fitfully tidying up, doing the washing (but not the washing up), reading Far Rainbow by the Strugatsky brothers, having a very odd dream about a circus (probably a result of The Lady and the Tiger which will hopefully be a new minicomic soon), loudly cursing my fate, my stomach and this horrible nausea (sorry, neighbours), selecting artwork for exhibition, re-re-re-reading The Ballad of Halo Jones and reprogramming Tivo so that it won't privilege Zoids over Animaniacs.

EDIT: Bollocks I am. Rough, rough, rough. I'm not sure I fancy puking in the work toilet. It seems like one of those private things you should do in the privacy of your own private bathroom.

Focus, Jeremy. Beautiful things. Like this striking collar made from an old Doc Marten boot, (context), or this adorable bunny. Look at its little eyes! (context)

And, over in the Picky Picky game, costumes are going on and coming off:

action hero against his will or forced against his ethics to promote the eating of shrimp

my contribution for next week is rather brutal, someone else should probably draw something.


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23rd Sep, 2004 09:43 (UTC)
I loved the Spiderman reviews craYons site! but sadly it reveals once again, the dumbing down of the culture. Why, back in MY day they used to name crayons by their traditional pigment-- likie burnt sienna, yellow ochre, vermillion red etc... it didn't matter that little kiddies couldn't pronounce the names-- it was called EDUCATION, That's where I learned most of the pigment names. sigh... I'm too old.
23rd Sep, 2004 13:08 (UTC)
jazzberry jam and razzmatazz present spelling challenges, at least ... I remember being really excited about the names of pigments when I was a child burnt umber, alazarin crimson, titanium white ... I agree, it is a shame to make the names of colours more ordinary.
23rd Sep, 2004 13:14 (UTC)
Re: well
Yeah, it really does educate kids. Especially ones who have a bent for art in the first place. (and hey, they're the crayon users!)
Re: well - phlebas - 24th Sep, 2004 01:49 (UTC) - Expand
23rd Sep, 2004 10:08 (UTC)
Hexidecimal reviews pen-nibs

Oh, definitely, yes.
23rd Sep, 2004 13:08 (UTC)
heh heh
I'll have to see if I can dig her disapproving mask out.
23rd Sep, 2004 10:19 (UTC)
Is the weeping and Persepolis connected because it worked that way on me...I just ordered the next book, can't wait!
23rd Sep, 2004 13:12 (UTC)
the second book
has a bit of a different pulse to the first -- it's much more hopeful if you read the two as a pair, I think. Pretty moving stuff, though, but --

No, I was crying because I was weak and sick enough to be incapable of doing ... oh, I forget. Closing the door or something. Pathetic.
23rd Sep, 2004 13:23 (UTC)
Re: the second book
i'm feeling a bit pathetic now because i've got cold toes and a hurt finger (which I just got stuck in a smarties tube) but soon soon I will have pizza, and soon soon I will have photos of Han Solo and Wolverine 'together'
Re: the second book - badasstronaut - 23rd Sep, 2004 14:19 (UTC) - Expand
Re: the second book - cleanskies - 23rd Sep, 2004 14:53 (UTC) - Expand
Re: the second book - crunchcandy - 23rd Sep, 2004 14:55 (UTC) - Expand
Re: the second book - badasstronaut - 23rd Sep, 2004 15:05 (UTC) - Expand
23rd Sep, 2004 15:43 (UTC)
Love that drawing of you at the computer.
24th Sep, 2004 02:05 (UTC)
thanks, I guess
It's the title picture to an annual report about young people using websites ... (work for work)
24th Sep, 2004 17:17 (UTC)
Re: thanks, I guess
"Thanks, I guess"?? It's great! Feh...
23rd Sep, 2004 16:36 (UTC)
Alazarin Crimson!
I always liked that one, and burnt umber, lamp black,orange lake, GAMBOGE! Yeh, kids today don't know what they're missing
24th Sep, 2004 02:04 (UTC)
Re: Alazarin Crimson!
Lamp Black! I'd forgotten that one --- always sounded so magical-mysterious ... some paints are still marked with these colours (one of the chief colours in that mural is Hooker's Green) ... but not enough of them durnit
Re: Alazarin Crimson! - crazycrone - 24th Sep, 2004 05:35 (UTC) - Expand
FUCK!!!!!!!! - cleanskies - 24th Sep, 2004 06:24 (UTC) - Expand
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24th Sep, 2004 11:57 (UTC)
If whiite crayons are under utilised
Does anyone have one to lend me? I need one to colour in my twenty sided dice.
25th Sep, 2004 03:08 (UTC)
Re: If whiite crayons are under utilised
of course! Do you want me to bring my crayons to Jenni's later? We can party all grown-up like.
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