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portrait of herself, sickSick, lying in bed, Tivo-twic as Damian watches Local Heroes, hauling myself upright to try and do some oh no never mind. Read one of the books I'm reading maybe? Fantastic Metamorphoses, Other Worlds Marina Warner, A-Z of Horror Clive Barker, Cirque du Freak Darren Shan, Ritual Magic Elizabeth Butler ... holding the book upright tires me. Ought to be party now, but tired after work ... run into A. He's angry to be back in Oxford, but I tell him it's the right time of year. Autumn is time for the pretty people ... A. agrees and points out a redhead on the top deck of the Brookes bus. Gods, he looks young.

Finally kill the slimemold on the back wall with new gadget, a steam-cleaner. End up spattered with matter (though the wall looks good) and dripping water into the space under the sink where the packet of salt I keep for cold-dying has leaked all over an old paintbrush. Bleach, rust and salt dissolving the skin on my fingertips. What did I buy all that poster paint for? And when? In revenge, the doorlock sort-of breaks, leaving us sort-of anxious about being sort-of locked out. I tell the landlord, but you know how sort-of problems go ...

New-term return of novelty pajamas, new animated series, hangover television. Dick and Dom giving their occupations as flap-cracker and clock-hanger, racing live babies, children dressing up adults as robots and making them fight. Nanaimo back again; RE:Cleanskies Looking for love, not age pants ... funny girl seeks funny guy cracks. The day after I posted the nanaimo strip, I got five messages from it. The day after I post this the artwork gets taken out of the shopwindow. More random than cause and effect, more like making a slight dent in the fabric, that causality can run down ...

House-warming party at jinty's too self-conscious to take out my crayons, feeling ugly, small, and very unimportant ... I'm snarling too much, I can't find that centre. The last few unfinished threads of C Evidence and Changeling 72 are prod-prod-prodding at me. Damian says I need something new in my procrastination chain, but I just want to finish.

Note: the quote in this week's strip is by Aubrey Beardsley. Couldn't find a good reproduction of the picture online, this one will have to do.


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27th Sep, 2004 04:26 (UTC)
Sympathy your way. Not that that's much use, but I can't really offer you a bottle of herbal tonic. Not actually, anyway.
27th Sep, 2004 05:56 (UTC)
herbal tonic
... ah pepperminty-flavoured boooooooooze! I think I'd better stick to peppermint tea during the day, but thanks all the same ;)
27th Sep, 2004 05:20 (UTC)
Sorry to hear you're unwell, hope you get better soon.
From the looks of your strip, I get the impression you have sulphur stomach. (The squiggle breaths, panel 3.)
Not that I can recommend any cures if you have, I just know it to be deeply unpleasant. Commiserations.
27th Sep, 2004 05:55 (UTC)
no, it's a virus
... it's going around town at the moment -- dizzyness, balance problems, nausea and exhaustion. Which suggests that it's not the stomach at all at fault ... not that that helps much ...
27th Sep, 2004 08:16 (UTC)
I forget how sickly Oxford is...
Oxford literally is a global petri dish with some many from all over.

My sympathies. :-/
28th Sep, 2004 08:20 (UTC)
Re: I forget how sickly Oxford is...
28th Sep, 2004 19:13 (UTC)
Re: I forget how sickly Oxford is...
Cheers ... I didn't think I'd inspire anything. :-)

Hope you feel better.
27th Sep, 2004 11:06 (UTC)
Get well soon, Ms Dennis.
28th Sep, 2004 07:53 (UTC)
I find reading about lipgloss and hairdye a great comfort when I'm feeling under the weather, so you are helping.
27th Sep, 2004 14:45 (UTC)
Your art makes me,

A) Want to write more,
B) Cut off my hands.

In that order.

*stoopid really good artists whose art I keep looking at...*
28th Sep, 2004 02:22 (UTC)
advice for ben
1. write more
2. be nice to your hands
3. keep looking at art
27th Sep, 2004 16:58 (UTC)
You didn't seem ugly, small or unimportant to me, for what it's worth. Sympathy, and mis-placed but well-meaning comments. I thought I'd gone through 'the bug' at the start of last week (the first week of my new job, naturally) but this seems to be something else; guess I have that to look forward to.
I would join you on tuesday again but it's jo-eeb's birthday on st clements. Coming to the young knives / evenings acoustic gig at port mahon on wednesday? Our set will be incredibly ropey (and if that doesn't tempt you..).
28th Sep, 2004 02:25 (UTC)
I'm going to try and make it
but I shall be a bit late. Would you believe it, I have work that evening ... curse those young people!

and thanks, it's not misplaced -- I get whiny when I'm sickly
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