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Editing video. Something about the combination of patience, calmness, and attention to detail sits well in a morning head. That said, right now I'm relaxing prior to a nighttime session. Thought I could edit in the pub. Wrong. Can't hear the audio over people talking. Edited up some garden stuff, though; don't need focus to pick up a bad joke about a coot. (This is the Caption video, incidentally. As swisstone, oxyrhincite, bugpete, sparkymark and assorted others feature prominently, I thought you might like to know.)

Siiiigh. Caught my eye a busdriver braking at the lights, with a huge mass of bright-red hair worn loose like a princess; she looked at me coolly, and drove on. Then a young boy and his grandmother holding hands by holding the hands of his spidey action figure. Cartoon leaves. Finding the top I had decided I wanted and was sure I wouldn't be able to get anywhere, just like that (thank you, M&S). My muse getting rid of his Hoxton fin. It's not all bad.

The pet-lover's claim that dogs can smell your cancer got its moment in the lab this week ... so far, so amusing, but then an undiagnosed kidney cancer turned a small-scale test of a bizarre medical hypothesis into a tale of the unexpected.

Mood of google: I'm in credit la-la land, I'm out of Friendster. Quite right too, Friendster is very dull. Go join Flickr instead. That said, I really should stop posting about how sick I feel as I seem to be losing a friend per post.


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28th Sep, 2004 16:48 (UTC)
The basic problem with Friendster is that all you can tell about someone, apart from any pictures they've uploaded or links they've given, is what their idiot friends say about them. It doesn't actually *do* anything apart from give you a list of names. At least with Livejournal you can read what people write, and with Flickr you can see if they have an eye for interesting shiny things.
29th Sep, 2004 04:20 (UTC)
Bah! Everyone's entitled to feel sickly every so often. I know I've moaned enough in the past.
Danged modern viruses!
29th Sep, 2004 13:48 (UTC)
Flickr, indeed.
I fucked about with Orkut for a while, but it got too big, too fast, and their servers crapped-out on a regular basis for about 2 months.

Apparently they're on the ball at last, but too-little-too-late for me. But maybe I'll give them another try.

Oh, and I'm a paid member here, now. :p
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