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drilling into the (what a) to-do list (illustrated)

First celebrity guests on the Picky Picky Game, giving Anton Green-Hood advice on wearing orange:

I don't like my panel at all this week, but I quite like the creepy dandy shot (above).

I put Oxford into a petridish after applez literally used the word literally in a comment to me. A blush of mold on the dreaming spires; #33CC99.

The caption video rough-cut is 13min. Let's see if I can carve it down to 10 tonight (after I get back from Thame). Grrr comic (I've called it An-grrr because I'm pissed off) is at the copy-shop. It's more greatest hits than latest strips -- the next weekly strip anthology is going to be called Quetzal Avocado Startup Plan so that bugpete will have a small-press comic starting with the letter "Q".

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