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First celebrity guests on the Picky Picky Game, giving Anton Green-Hood advice on wearing orange:

I don't like my panel at all this week, but I quite like the creepy dandy shot (above).

I put Oxford into a petridish after applez literally used the word literally in a comment to me. A blush of mold on the dreaming spires; #33CC99.

The caption video rough-cut is 13min. Let's see if I can carve it down to 10 tonight (after I get back from Thame). Grrr comic (I've called it An-grrr because I'm pissed off) is at the copy-shop. It's more greatest hits than latest strips -- the next weekly strip anthology is going to be called Quetzal Avocado Startup Plan so that bugpete will have a small-press comic starting with the letter "Q".


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29th Sep, 2004 10:42 (UTC)
Now I wish
I had written 'so' instead of 'some.' Oh well, c'est la vive...
29th Sep, 2004 17:27 (UTC)
oh, I don't know
I think the misspell adds a certain je ne sais quoi
29th Sep, 2004 18:49 (UTC)
Re: oh, I don't know
ah bon. :-)
29th Sep, 2004 16:25 (UTC)
Serve me right for not paying attention
You have anthologies of the weekly strip?
I'd really really like one of those, with as much of the weekly strip as I can get. I like the weekly strip, you see. Did I mention?
29th Sep, 2004 17:38 (UTC)
well ...
they aren't as colourful as the online versions but make much better potstands. I'll reserve you an An-Grrr, there's a job interview strip in it you might find funny ....

.... and I'm not sure if I mentioned it at the Port Mahon but oh, tiny rainbow-coloured xylophones are hardcore in the hands of the evenings! I'm so glad I made it back from Thame on time
20th Oct, 2004 06:55 (UTC)
(for some reason the notification email for this comment has only just arrived)

Yes, definitely do keep me one aside. How much would such a publication be?
20th Oct, 2004 08:19 (UTC)
just a quid or so ...
... and on the subject of xylophones, when we went to Habitat on Sun among the new christmas stuff was a sturdy curvy wooden xylophone with a carry handle that looked very popstar and sounded good even with four children playing them at random ...
20th Oct, 2004 11:21 (UTC)
Bring one on friday and the princely sum of a quid or so is yours..
Or maybe a couple of pints of beer-festival best, why not.
I'll have a look in habitat on friday then as I'll be in that neighbourhood. Do the four children come with it, or do they cost extra? Actually seb can make up for more than four children by himself..
Oh, and sorry for floating in and out so abruptly last night. Twas rude.
20th Oct, 2004 12:51 (UTC)
the children looked verrrry expensive
probably best to just go for the xylophone .... hmmm, yes, you're like the Scarlet Pimpernel of Oxford ... or am I thinking of the Shadow?
30th Sep, 2004 06:49 (UTC)
More cleanskies stuff to link to from alleged.org.uk...!
I think the next/prev links may be a bit funky, though... :-0
30th Sep, 2004 06:58 (UTC)
mrrr, well ...
the whole "screen break" thingy is a bit of an abandoned project. My and my orphans ... there are only three toons, so fixing the screwed-up links seems hardly worth it (and at least all the links take you somewhere)
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