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i an interviewed by pancevo news and miss the best cakes at the embroidery exhibition in the cake shop.

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3rd Oct, 2004 10:08 (UTC)
Only the EVIL news services make you miss cake.
4th Oct, 2004 04:51 (UTC)
sorry, i am so sorry
Dear Jeremy, you could tell me that you are so fond of cakes. If you did so, we could take sweet things to our table outside! So, if I can pay you back somehow for that bad Pancevo experience, just let me know. You were sweet, anyway.
sinisha, evil yournalist
5th Oct, 2004 08:58 (UTC)
I am not angry!
I was making a joke, and so was my friend! I had a lovely interview, sinisha -- and I've passed Sasa a photo you can use (of me painting on shoes)
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