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don't watch cartoons!

serbian comics panel, aspersions cast at western print quality: now it's toon time, bugs bunny making passes at pudgy stereotypes- nasty!

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3rd Oct, 2004 15:23 (UTC)
And that's what I like about the South...
Sorry for the obtuse literary reference...(it's about the American south). Okay my point, ummm...oh! Your mini postings from the front are the exact reason why I love my t-mobile sidekick. I can send emails anywhere anytime from my little device. I love being able to "be there now" (another ancient pop culture reference)...and still be able to send messages. I'm enjoying the postings immensely, even the one's I'm not sure I understand.

And also a "thank you" for inspiring me to recover my lost love for comic illustration.

5th Oct, 2004 08:55 (UTC)
why, thank you ma'am!
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