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shoe clarification

clarification on the shoes: these were supplied by mr spiral at the shoe-shop, and stayed with him, mine were high-heel patent leather-kinky!

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4th Oct, 2004 03:48 (UTC)
Dashes or hyphens confusion creates new words
Leather-kinky sounds like a literally translated German word to describe Mrs Peel's fashion sense.
4th Oct, 2004 10:32 (UTC)
I can't figure out what this whole thing is sms to lj?? and I canàt find your posts. Why are you doing this?
4th Oct, 2004 11:09 (UTC)
Jeremy is in Belgrade
She's in Serbia at a comics convention called GRR -- without internet access. So to keep in touch with her friends left behind, she's posting to her journal from her mobile phone via a service called SMS-to-LJ.

Normal service should resume tomorrow when she returns home...
5th Oct, 2004 08:52 (UTC)
it's over now.
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