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hello england

half an hour flying in circles at an ear-popping altitude, mangled baggage, absence of coffee, bus broken down, welcome home!

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5th Oct, 2004 06:02 (UTC)
Welcome home!
5th Oct, 2004 08:45 (UTC)
yes indeedy
turns out Boots' 1-hr photo service is also kaput. I was fully expecting virgin v-space to be offline, too, but for this one, my luck held ...
5th Oct, 2004 06:20 (UTC)
Welcome indeed! *proffers coffee*
5th Oct, 2004 08:44 (UTC)
7th Oct, 2004 11:56 (UTC)
Re: awwww!
Bum! I had a tedious return journey, too. Agony of many, many tube stairs and heavy case, then a 77A bus ignoring my feeble cane-waving so I had an extra half hour wait, etc. Yup, back home. My skeeter bites like IMMEDIATELY went gruesomely infected, and I have about 350. Owiezow...I really quite wish I could have stayed on in Serbia a while longer, though; poison air, venomous killer bugs and all.
That said, I was starting to miss Wotan a lot...Sasa gave me some newspapers to photocopy GRRR! stuff, and send to you, which I'll do after I sleep for a couple of days.
7th Oct, 2004 15:17 (UTC)
Re: awwww!
yeah, ever since I got back, the country seems to be trying to tell me just how nasty it can be ...
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