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soundtrack: Cowley Road/animated weekend

One of those mornings, woke up feeling utterly at ease with myself, comfortable in my own skin, soothed, rested. My bike was in the shop over the weekend, so I had to walk down Cowley Road first thing to spring it from Beeline. The traffic sound, the peoples' voices, the shrieks of worn-down brake pads and recalcitrant toddlers, the lorries groaning as they negotiated the traffic islands, everything smeared together into a soft kaleidoscope of barely-there music, all held together by the beat of soft rain on my almost-waterproof coat. In the shop the usual overpowering smell of rubber was muted, and an old song was playing, some lipsticked mouth in the darkness singing about love and loss; outside, I swung a leg over the bike and swerved around a learner driver in a Dustcart. Like me, the bike was at perfect ease; chain turning, gear clicking, brake stopping, everything working. Despite this, everything went wrong on the way in; I was cut up, undertook, stuck in a slow queue and on Broad Street, a transit van tried to force me into the roadworks, but the easy movement of leg and wheel carried me through, kept me happy ... or so I thought, until I realised that I was swearing at fellow road users, shouting at transit vans, cursing buses, just as usual, but clearly with some lizard-brain only slightly attached to my still thoroughly mellow main-mind. Pondering the oddness of being able to shout through the window of a white transit van while remainig calm and happy, I rode down an eerily empty George St, self-expression and roadworks having cleared the way.

It's hard to be fair with fondue: you really only have six forks. I finally chose some people and fondued. To my relief my bedroom did not smell of melted cheese afterwards, though the kitchen had a heady scent of cheese, garlic and chocolate (mmmm. no, wait, yuk.) Woke up very full on Saturday morning. To find Don't eat the Neighbours the words first furry cartoon show making its debut on SMTVlive. Do you know about Furry fandom? They do comics and stories featuring furry folk with animal heads and human bodies. Very human bodies, if you get my drift. This story was about a single dad wolf who had just emigrated to England with his two teenaged sons, and moved in next door to poor, nervous Mr Rabbit, who is living with his teenage daughter and her two kids. His neighbour on the other side, a rather camp Mr Fox who's after the rabbit, the neighbour on Mr Rabbit's other side is Mr Bear (another incomer, doubtless). The storyline was exactly the same round of nervous (yet strangely excited) exchanges and plottings that you get in the first five pages of a furry comic, before they settle their differences and start swapping casseroles and beds (furry stuff tends to be rather cosy). Bizarre.

It was a good cartoon weekend. All of Monsters Inc. was wonderful, from in-jokes to out-takes. I'm thinking of doing my hair like Sully's -- I've got turquoise and pink hair dye at home, and some workshops coming up. I'll have to go back to play spot the monster. I'm pretty sure I caught a couple from Nightmare Before Christmas and one from Men in Black already. And then there was that wonderful scene in Kiki's Delivery Service, where Kiki's flying with the geese. She's on her first big delivery and manouvres her broomstick into position at the outside of the skein, and all the geese start honking. "They're going to go higher," says Gigi (her sarcastic talking cat), "They say a big gust of wind is coming!" and then the wind comes ... wonderful.

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