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sketches from serbia

This Week's strip is a cobble-together from some the sketchbooks I took with me to Grrr!, consisting:
  • Celebration of the absolute gloriousness of Serbian cakes.
  • A confusing conversation in Serbian, German and English about christmas trees, magic mushrooms, Alice in Wonderland, gnomes and reindeer.
  • Me at Heathrow bus station for 50 miserable minutes.
Normal service will be resumed shortly.


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8th Oct, 2004 00:30 (UTC)
So, you weren't exactly "twice five miles of fertile ground?"

Christ, between that and de Quincey, I've opium on the brain...
8th Oct, 2004 02:20 (UTC)
more like
twice five miles of land severely in need of desperate de-toxifying work, three nights lying fallow, and considerable irrigation with coffee.

and where else should opium be but on the mind?
8th Oct, 2004 05:46 (UTC)
Re: more like
I like that first bit.
You should write a poem.
8th Oct, 2004 10:40 (UTC)
Re: more like
poetry is a disease.
8th Oct, 2004 10:59 (UTC)
Re: more like
Spread some.
8th Oct, 2004 01:30 (UTC)
Beautiful Serbian cakes!
8th Oct, 2004 02:16 (UTC)
not just beautiful
--- also tiny! So that when you thought "I want to eat TWENTY of these" you just could ...
8th Oct, 2004 02:30 (UTC)
You've captured the gorgeousness of the cakes beautifully. (I made a point of returning with sketchbook & camera every day.) The one with "tiramisu" written on it in cocoa was particularly inspirational, I found...
8th Oct, 2004 02:54 (UTC)
I must see your cakey pictures! ... we should get together next time I'm in London ... I've got all my photos back, now -- the pop-9 ones of the the embroideries came out better than I hoped!
8th Oct, 2004 02:45 (UTC)
I think I'd like....
...to live in that mushroom, eating nothing but those cakes and supping nowt but Slivovitz. Probably last a week...

8th Oct, 2004 02:55 (UTC)
Re: I think I'd like....
ah, but what a week it would be !
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