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the friday braindump

I want my penguin t-v!

Your Underground 80's Cult Band by Caleb VB
You form the band with:pants_of_doom
Your sound is influenced by:Cocteau Twins, Adam and the Ants, Japan
Your mode of dress/fashion claim-to-fame:Black lipstick and a brown tweed coat.
The name of your group is:Land's End
Your downfall/decline of popularity is caused by:Public backlash due to the lead singer calling Margaret Thatcher a "moose-faced bore".
Your instrument of choice:
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To do list for the planet: build coral arks, try on a face corset, build vast sonic sculptures in abandoned aircraft hangers.

Also, do something for the Picky Picky Game:

Could it be the end of the Harlequin shrimp? Or the doom of Anton Greenhood?