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imam da kažem

Yay! I have Pancevo fame! The interview I did with Sinistra the evil yournalist has been published in Pancevac News (scroll down and look for the shoe-painting fool). The title translates roughly to "Speak Out" -- it's a regular comment feature they run on the back page. As to the rest, well ... I can guess what "A8 mi je omiljen format" and "alternativne autore britanske strip scene" mean, but um ... Ah-ha! -- "„Caption”, koji svakog leta okuplja anarhistične" -- I am the queen of plug!

....hmm, better get on with *my* reports now ....


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10th Oct, 2004 07:19 (UTC)
Fefw fefefefe
10th Oct, 2004 07:39 (UTC)
would you like me to translate it for you?
[stumbled upon your journal by accident.]
10th Oct, 2004 08:46 (UTC)
if you would ,
that'd be fantastic! thank-you!
11th Oct, 2004 10:07 (UTC)
my work colleague has done a version, also
(he's from Belgrade so I thought it would be fun to ask.) He warns of the following:
"- This was originally translated from English to Serbian and now other way around -- probably lots of subtlety is lost
- I'm not a professional translator :)
- English is not my native tongue :)"

But I rather like the way it comes out!

I have to say

Jeremy Dennis, web editor & cartoonist from UK

- Yes, Jeremy is an odd name for a woman. I am a comics fan since I learnt hot to read. I grew in the village named Corscombe, on my father's farm on which we grew ducks, geese and chickens. Just because of that animals appear all the time in my comics. My mother was painting (drawing) decorative tables (signs?), she taught me to draw. I got a scholarship from a private fund for expensive schools and University of Oxford, in the middle of England. There I studied English literature and meat people that are interested in comics.

I believe comics should be equally "complicated" as serious literature. I treat various topics. Stories are autobiographic, but they speak, for example, about personal sufferings of people or about nice things like kindness of the people that surround me and similar "little" things. I draw mini-comics; A8 is my favourite format. I lead workshops and collect old books, that I adapt for my artistic needs later. Twelve years ago, I started with my friends festival "Caption" that gathers anarchistic, wild, alternative authors of the British comics scene. Last year I travelled throughout England with a group of artists that are in movies, music and comics.

For a long period I didn't have a steady job, now I am working for the government. I am the Youth Web administrator, which means I am helping young people to create their own sites. I am in the Eastern Europe for the first time, and I came to Pancevo to see festival "Grrr!". Streets are open, there are lots of trees and all of that makes sensation of a big space. Murals, signs above the doors, decorative monuments on the houses, shapes around the windows -- all of that is really great! All these billboards with smiling faces for the local elections are very strange to me. In the Oxford it is not legal to put on the walls what ever you like wherever you like! And yes, it is very romantic here, I saw four weddings in two days. Visit me at www.alleged.org.uk.
11th Oct, 2004 11:36 (UTC)
Re: my work colleague has done a version, also
Wow! What a great article! I can't believe so much was packed into so small a space!

12th Oct, 2004 00:28 (UTC)
was just about to post my version.
well having read the text above theres no need because they're pretty much the same.
it's a nice article.
12th Oct, 2004 00:46 (UTC)
aw ....
well, thanks very much, anyway .... go on! post it! < gush > I don't think I could read that article too many times < /gush >
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