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flickr annoyances and eel stew

the ego canna take it
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.
I couldn't resist buying smoked eel when it turned up at the farmers market. Tonight, I made it into stew. And then I made Damian eat it. First time I've cooked eel, I think. I like it, but it's hard to find.

Work continues to be rather absorbing. It's school placement season and the run-up to Local Democracy Week and the Ofsted aftermath ... any one of which would be pain enough.

Damn, that just triangulated my identity. Well, never mind. I'll brazenly add a photo, too, fruit of my famous obscurity; Grrr!, it was good.

Now I must send you all sequins/comics/plans/hand-made paper/friendly emails/photos/plastic jewels. Yes, yes. Any moment now.

P.S. Cym posted photos. I really like this one.


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12th Oct, 2004 01:50 (UTC)
That Ellfriede, wotta macho, going around with an actual bottle of ink. I was trying to look at the nib she was using, but never quite managed...
12th Oct, 2004 03:04 (UTC)
I loved
her suede pencil case that she used as a blotter; I finally got to play with her nibs late on Sat --- she uses a "decro nib" -- with a circlular blob on the end. There's a big pic of one here: https://www.artundgrafik.de/art//images/product-pics/zoom/HL40010.jpg

I might get some to try -- it gives a really smooth, even line -- but you have to draw rather bigger than I usually do ...
12th Oct, 2004 05:29 (UTC)
Re: I loved
Oh yeah, I want... (MMmmm, pens!) I never saw the pencil case/blotter, though. Brill-
12th Oct, 2004 08:21 (UTC)
Stewed smoke eel?
(contains stereotypes about English cooking) I tend to like the Japanese style of grilled eel myself.

Actually though, tell me about your stew - how do you prepare the eel? I imagine one could produce a very rich meaty broth of it.
12th Oct, 2004 09:41 (UTC)
oh yeah
-- me and my peasant tastes! I fried it with a little bacon in a turmeric and spice mix (which could have been a bit hotter, actually, my black onion seeds are getting aged) and then added chopped yellow tomato and water chestnut, before topping up with white beans and water. Season and thicken to taste (I use pepper and worcester sauce for this sort of bastard child cookery, but whatever you like). Thick, rich and golden -- I ate it with bread, in the British style, but it would probably do OK with rice, couscous or noodles.

Stew doesn't imply length of cooking (the whole thing probably wasn't on the heat for more than a quarter-hour) but chunky-chopped rather than smooth. Maybe broth would probably have been a better word. Chowder?

Now I just have to think up a way to incorporate water chestnuts into my next five meals ...
12th Oct, 2004 11:03 (UTC)
Re: oh yeah
Well, besides the obvious Oriental recipes for water chestnuts, one could grill or bake them. Hmm...I seem to have a grilling concept.

Your recipe sounds yummy, though I wouldn't use any bacon myself. ;-)
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